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Set up a modern web, mobile and desktop app by running one command.
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Create MERN App

Create MERN App provide boilerplates for building Web App, Mobile App, Desktop App, Chrome Extension & NPM Package Development in JavaScript.

Node Version

Version Supported
node-version >= 18
node-version < 18

Install create-mernjs-app globally

npm install create-mernjs-app -g 

Creating an App

create-mernjs-app my-app

Creating a Library

create-mernjs-app my-library --template library


  • Simple Folder Structure
  • Clean code structure
  • Server & client code
  • Login/Signup Feature
  • Auto Indentation
  • ESLint Feature
  • Prettier Feature
  • Tailwind CSS

App Boilerplates

App boilerplates for building application.

SN. Boilerplates Download Demo Code Snippets
1 MERN Boilerplate Download MERN Boilerplate Demo MERN Code Snippets
2 NodeJS & MongoDB Boilerplate Download NodeJS MongoDB Boilerplate Demo NodeJS & MongoDB Code Snippets
3 NodeJS & MySQL Boilerplate Download NodeJS MySQL Boilerplate Demo NodeJS & MySQL Code Snippets
4 NextJS Boilerplate Download NextJS Boilerplate Demo NextJS Code Snippets
5 GetsbyJS Boilerplate Download GetsbyJS Boilerplate Demo GetsbyJS Code Snippets
6 ReactJS Boilerplate Download ReactJS Boilerplate Demo ReactJS Code Snippets
7 ElectronJS Boilerplate Download ElectronJS Boilerplate Demo ElectronJS Code Snippets
8 React Native Boilerplate Download React Native Boilerplate Demo React Native Code Snippets
9 ReactJS Chrome Extension Boilerplate Download ReactJS Chrome Extension Boilerplate Demo ReactJS Chrome Extension Code Snippets
10 ReactJS Webpack Boilerplate Download ReactJS Webpack Boilerplate Demo ReactJS Webpack Code Snippets

Library Boilerplates

Library boilerplates for building npm package.

SN. Boilerplates Download Demo Code Snippets
1 JavaScript Library Boilerplate Download JavaScript Library Boilerplate Demo JavaScript Library Code Snippets
2 ReactJS Library Boilerplate Download ReactJS Library Boilerplate Demo ReactJS Library Code Snippets
3 NodeJS Library Boilerplate Download NodeJS Library Boilerplate Demo NodeJS Library Code Snippets
4 ExpressJS Library Boilerplate Download ExpressJS Library Boilerplate Demo ExpressJS Library Code Snippets
5 NextJS Library Boilerplate Download NextJS Library Boilerplate Demo NextJS Library Code Snippets
6 React Native Library Boilerplate Download React Native Library Boilerplate Demo React Native Library Code Snippets


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