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CLI for creating ready-to-start modern jQuery Plugins

Inspired from create-react-library and create-react-app

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create-jquery-plugin is a CLI tool for creating a ready-to-start jQuery plugin development environment with modern configurations. It will create a development environment with a pre-configured build system and you can get started immediately with your plugin development. Also, it is easily customizable that allows you to add or remove any tools or setup. The development setup will include the boilerplate project for the jQuery plugin development, pre-configured gulp tasks for JavaScript transpile, CSS/SCSS building, test/lint scripts, hot loading, example page, readme, etc.


The command will walk you through a few simple prompts and creates a ready-to-start local development setup for your new jQuery plugin.

npx create-jquery-plugin

Or, fast track with default settings, just pass your plugin name.

npx create-jquery-plugin jquery-my-plugin

This will create a directory with the your plugin name and with all the tools installed.

How to start the development

To start the development process, cd to your new plugin directory and run npm start or yarn start. For example, if your new plugin is "jquery-my-plugin", just run

cd jquery-my-plugin
npm start

It will open the example/index.html file with Browserify sync. You can start coding on the directory src, the example page will hot load as you make changes.


  • Easy-to-use CLI.
  • CSS and SCSS templates.
  • Creates ready-to-start local development environment.
  • Unit testing with Jasmine and Karma.

Directory structure

The project boilerplate is from

├── examples
│   └── index.html
├── node_modules
├── src
│   ├── js
│   │   └── jquery-plugin-boilerplate.js
│   └── scss
│       └── jquery-plugin-boilerplate.scss
├── test
│   ├── test-template.html
│   └── test.js
├── .gitignore
├── .npmignore
├── gulpfile.js
├── karma.conf.js
├── package.json

User Guide

Please find more detailed instructions and documentation here.


Grateful to the authors and contributers of create-react-library and create-react-app from which this project is inspired. Thankful to the jquery-plugin-boilerplate for providing the project templates. Also, thanks to the authors and contributors of the amazing Node.js tools used in this project.


Open source software licensed as MIT


If you like the project please support with your contribution.

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Thank you and Happy Coding :)

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