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Create a fresh choo application. Because starting a new project should take minutes, not days.


$ npx create-choo-app <project-directory>

⚠️ HTTPS Instructions

When you first open up your application in a browser, you'll probably see a warning page about HTTPS connections being untrusted. No worries, this is entirely expected behavior. Follow the instructions below to solve this for your browser.

How does this work? For HTTPS to run on localhost, we must sign a TLS certificate locally. This is better known as a "self-signed certificate". Browsers actively check for certificates from unknown providers, and warn you (for good reason!) In our case, however, it's safe to ignore.

HTTPS is needed for an increasing amount of APIs to work in the browser. For example if you want to test HTTP/2 connections or use parts of the storage API, you have no choice but to use an HTTPS connection on localhost. That's why we try and make this work as efficiently, and securely as possible.

We generate a unique certificate for each Bankai installation at ~/.config/bankai. This means that you'll only need to trust an HTTPS certificate for Bankai once. This should be secure from remote attackers, because unless they have successfully acquired access to your machine's filesystem, they won't be able to replicate the certificate.

Firefox Instructions

Step 1

A wild security screen appears!. Click on "advanced". firefox01

Step 2

More details emerge! Click on "Add Exception". firefox02

Step 3

In the dropdown click "Confirm Security Exception". firefox03

Step 4

Success! firefox04

Chrome Instructions Click the "more details" dropdown, then click "proceed". chrome01
Safari Instructions

Step 1

A wild security screen appears! Click "Show Certificate". safari01

Step 2

More details emerge! Check "Always trust 'localhost'…". safari02

Step 3

The box is checked! Click "Continue". safari03

Step 4

A box is asking you for your crendentials. Fill them in, and hit "Enter".

Step 5

Success! safari04


create-choo-app installs the following dependencies:

Name Dependency Type Description
choo Production Fast, 4kb framework.
choo-service-worker Production Offline support for Choo.
sheetify Production Hyper performant CSS-in-JS.
tachyons Production A minimalist CSS toolkit.
bankai Development An asset bundler and static file server.
choo-devtools Development Debug Choo applications.
choo-scaffold Development Generate new application files.
dependency-check Development Verify project dependencies.
standard Development Statically check JavaScript files for errors.

Removing Dependencies

If you want to remove Tachyons you can do so by running npm uninstall tachyons and removing the reference to Tachyons in ./index.js.


  $ create-choo-app <project-directory> [options]
    -h, --help        print usage
    -v, --version     print version
    -q, --quiet       don't output any logs
    Create a new Choo application
    $ create-choo-app
  Running into trouble? Feel free to file an issue:
  Do you enjoy using this software? Become a backer:





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