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Create React App Template Kendo

Create React App is a tool for scaffolding and building React applications.

The create-react-app script allows developers to provide custom templates through the `--template option.

For KendoReact applications, you can choose between four different templates, depending on the preferred technology stack:

The following code snippet demonstrates the usage of the cra-template-kendo template:

npx create-react-app my-react-app --template cra-template-kendo

There is another easy way to create a KendoReact application by using the Create KendoReact App tool. It provides a setup wizard that guides the user through an intuitive process of creating KendoReact application. The wizard asks for a project name, application theme, TypeScript and SASS support.

  • Theme—Select between the build-in themes: Bootstrap, Material or Kendo UI Default.
  • Typescript—Enable TypeScript support.
  • SASS—Enable SASS support

KendoReact is a professional UI library on a mission to help developers design and build business apps with React much faster. KendoReact’s 100+ customizable and feature-rich components and advanced functionality are built from the ground up for React and are fully accessible.

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