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Cozy Monitor

Cozy Monitor is a tool to manage your Cozy Platform from the command line.


Install it via NPM

npm install cozy-monitor -g


Run following command to see all available actions:

cozy-monitor --help

Or browse the online documentation.


You can contribute to Cozy Monitor in many ways:

  • Pick up an issue and solve it.
  • Improve displayed messages.
  • Write tests.


Get sources:

git clone


cd cozy-monitor
chmod +x bin/cozy-monitor

Each modification requires a new build, here is how to run a build:

npm run build

Make sure your modifications pass linting:

npm run lint


Build Status

To run tests type the following command into the Cozy Home folder:

npm run test


Cozy Monitor is developed by Cozy Cloud and distributed under the LGPL v3 license.

What is Cozy?

Cozy Logo

Cozy is a platform that brings all your web services in the same private space. With it, your web apps and your devices can share data easily, providing you with a new experience. You can install Cozy on your own hardware where no one profiles you.


You can reach the Cozy Community by:

  • Chatting with us on IRC #cozycloud on
  • Posting on our Forum
  • Posting issues on the Github repos
  • Mentioning us on Twitter