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A unified, secure and painless self-hosted cryptocurrency payments processor.



Integrating payments into applications is practically tedious, unless one is to leverage 3rd party solutions, which packs its own layer of issues among which security, trust (relying on 3rd party solutions) and privacy (KYC requirements by the 3rd party) stand out.

Integrating trustless cryptocurrency payment solutions can be painfully difficult. Security with crypto-based payment systems is no different than traditional payment systems: It depends on several factors beyond the scope of this project.

How It Works

Corepay server communicates with self-hosted cryptocurrency network nodes like Bitcoin Core, Go Ethereum and Parity Ethereum primarily over RPC, so in order to enable support for an asset, you'll have to setup a network node client Corepay can talk to.

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Corepay uses several mechanisms to monitor blockchain networks and reports transactions you can interpret as deposits. It also packs other features that complete a funds management system.

Major Features

  • Wallet: Can generate wallet addresses for all supported assets via a common API.
  • Deposits: Reports incoming transactions for known addresses and status/network confirmations for the concerned transactions.
  • Withdrawals: Provides a common, painless API for transferring assets, as well as verifying the transfer transactions.

Why Corepay?

The volume of code in this repository alone is reason enough for this project to thrive. Corepay aims to mitigate having to write lengthy logic/code for every blockchain and/or network you wish to integrate into your application's funds system.

Networks & Assets

The following table shows implemented assets and support for address generation (AG), deposits (D), deposit tracking (DT), withdrawals (W) and withdrawal tracking (WT):

Asset Network AG D DT W WT
BTC Bitcoin
ETH Ethereum
ERC-20 standard tokens Ethereum
ERC-721 standard tokens Ethereum


  • Bitcoin
    • RPC-enabled Bitcoin node instance (tested with Bitcoin Core 0.18.0)
  • Ethereum
    • RPC-enabled...
      • Parity Ethereum 1.1+ (pruning="archive", tracing="on") or
      • Go Ethereum 1.8+ (gcmode="archive", syncmode="fast"/syncmode="full")


Usage guide and API documentation are available here.


You can support development and maintenance of this project by donating to:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): 3QVi82eVK2q1juGYvcyQ91pMviSaehumU7
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0xbBBdA47c935cf767286C8bB4006c5F426Cd7e6A1

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