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Plugin for "Conan: The Deployer" enabling the Api Gateway service from the AWS provider. Normally, you will use this along with the conan-aws-lambda plugin, so you can point your resources to a lambda function. Check out the example:

import conan from "conan";
import ConanAwsApiGatewayPlugin from "conan-aws-api-gateway";
conan = new Conan();
            .get("/myResources/{id}") //define your entire resource path with path parameters mapped automatically
            .headers("Content-Type", "Custom-Header") //define your headers easily
            .lambda("myLambda", "staging") //this is when you want to point the resource to an existing lambda, with alias support!
                "200": "",
                "500": "Internal*" //this is the selection pattern to exeute on the error message to throw a 500 http status code
                "Allow-Control-Allow-Origin": "*" //this will enable cors on that resource

Quality and Compatibility

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Every build and release is automatically tested on the following platforms:

node 0.12.x node 0.11.x node 0.10.x iojs 2.x.x iojs 1.x.x

If your platform is not listed above, you can test your local environment for compatibility by copying and pasting the following commands into your terminal:

npm install conan-aws-api-gateway
cd node_modules/conan-aws-api-gateway
gulp test


Copy and paste the following command into your terminal to install conan-aws-api-gateway:

npm install conan-aws-api-gateway --save-dev

Getting Started

How to Contribute

See something that could use improvement? Have a great feature idea? We listen!

You can submit your ideas through our issues system, or make the modifications yourself and submit them to us in the form of a GitHub pull request.

We always aim to be friendly and helpful.

Running Tests

It's easy to run the test suite locally, and highly recommended if you're using Conan-aws-api-gateway.js on a platform we aren't automatically testing for.

npm test

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