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    path.parse() from Node.js without unnecessary semver bumps


    See packaged-path-parse for documentation, this module just is a re-export of that without unnecessary major- and minor- version bumps.


    packaged-path-parse and compatible-path-parse were designed to come in pair.

    packaged-path-parse packages path.parse() from a recent Node.js version under the same version as Node.js that the code originated from — to provide clear understanding of the Node.js version used as the source, to ease updating this module, and to give predictable behavior.

    Because of that while packaged-path-parse conforms to semver requirements, it bumps versions more often than it should be done (but no needed bumps are missed).

    So, this package provides additional semver goodness on top of that, making sure that minor- and major- versions of this package is not bumped when that is not needed by path.parse() implementation.

    I.e. minor- versions of packaged-path-parse that do not actually bring any any additions (where a Node.js version bump was caused was caused by something other than path.parse()) will be included in a patch- release of this package. The same for major- versions of packaged-path-parse that do not bring any incompatibilities (and were just inherited from Node.js) — those will be either a minor- or a patch- versions of this package.

    That said, this package conforms to semver and any imcompatible changes in packaged-path-parse will bump the major- version, and new additions will bump the minor- version.

    That way you, and your users will get important updates faster, and that will better de-duplicate the code in case of several packages using this one.


    This module fits all definitions of being a ponyfill.


    See path.parse() documentation.

    const pathParse = require('compatible-path-parse')
    pathParse(path) // platform-dependant, default — posix
    pathParse.posix(path) // posix
    pathParse.win32(path) // win32


    MIT. See LICENSE file.


    npm i compatible-path-parse

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