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A set of shell scripts that I use quite a lot across different projects, for the times where Grunt / Gulp / etc is just too much.


npm install --save-dev common-shell-scripts

Then you can call a script, for example the watch script, like so:

./node_modules/common-shell-scripts/watch {arg1} {arg2}

The typical usage is to put these into a Makefile, or similar. The Makefile of Totesy shows this in action.



Watch a directory or file for changes and run something when changes are detected.

./watch directory/to/watch command_to_run


Useful for placing secret information (API Keys, etc) in files but not in version control.

Given a JSON file secrets.json like so:

{ "my_secret_key": "1234ABC" }

And app.js like this:

var myApiKey = '!my_secret_key!';


./replace_secrets secrets.json app.js

Will result in app.js reading like so:

var myApiKey = '1234ABC';