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    Colors diff

    A litle library that allows you to detect the difference between 2 given colors.

    For example: if you have your text color is black, and the background color is white. Then the function will just return the black color, because the difference between these 2 colors is too much to return a new one.

    Otherwise, if your background and text color is the same, the function will computed the difference between 2 colors, and the difference ratio is 1, then the function will return a new one.

    Ratio = 1, it means that 2 colors are the same. Lower the ratio is, your color will be visible.


    npm install colors-diff


    You have one main function, is colorsDiff. This function takes 4 parameters like this:

    import colorsDiff from 'colors-diff';
    colorsDiff(fColor, sColor, acptRatio, rplColors)
    • fColor is the first color that you give to the function. This parameter can be in RGB or HEX format.
    • sColor is the second color that you give to the function. This parameter can be in RGB or HEX format.
    • acptRatio, you can specify the accepted ratio, if the function has a ratio that upper than the one you specified, the function will automacatilly pick a new color from the rplColors array. So that's why I highly recommaned to specify the rplColors array.
    • rplColors, if the function detects a collision between 2 given colors. This one will pick a color with the lowest ratio, and return it.

    NOTE: the returned result will be replace the fColor and not the sColor


    npm i colors-diff

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