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Collaborative.js - Collaborative software for any project

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Collaborative.js is a JavaScript library to build applications and web-services with collaborative access to the data (live data editing).

Our mission is to completely solve the issue of implementing collaborative access to the data for all kind of web services and applications. We examine this topic in a comprehensive manner, scrupulously gathering use cases and feedback to provide a consistent solution for all popular programming languages and platforms. This repository is about JavaScript.


Using Package Mangers

You can install Collaborative.js using any of popular package managers.

npm Bower Yarn
npm install collaborative bower install collaborative yarn add collaborative

Using CDN

Collaborative.js is available as a ready-to-include CDN resource.

  • jsDeliver CDN -
  • unpkg CDN -

Direct Download

All Collaborative.js binary files can be found in dist directory of the master github branch or archive.

Getting Started

Getting Started guide leads through the most basic tasks of the collaborative access topic. During this guide we will build a simple Node.js application with collaborative access to a plain text (text live editing).

Note: If you prefere to run getting started example first, visit getting-started-example repo


Arbitrary JSON

Complete set of operations (CRUD) allows to building applications of any complexity.

Plain Text

An exhaustive set of functionality to implement collaborative access to text documents.

Cursor Management

The position of the cursor during the string or JSON operation is completely under control.

Undo/Redo operations

Undo/Redo operations are supported out of the box, you don't need to implement complex algorithms to get them work.

Operations History

The Collaborative.js engine supports Operations History on a native level, all you need is to build good looking UI based on our API.

Offline Operations

Offline Operations feature allows you to build an application or web-service that is able to work in offline mode, with no stable network connection.

WebSocket and AJAX

There are no network protocol restrictions, Collaborative.js supports with both WebSocket and AJAX protocols.

Legacy Browsers Support

All major browsers including legacy versions e.g IE 6 are supported.


Rich Text Editor Demo JSON Structure Demo
Rich Text demo with collaborative access (text live editing) \| Collaborative.js JSON structure demo with collaborative access (data live editing) \| Collaborative.js
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Further Learning


The Collaborative.js library is available under different licenses depending on whether it is intended for commercial/government use, or for a personal or non-profit project. Visit license page to learn more about licensing policy.

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