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Run tests on Single or Multibrowsers in Parallel on Saucelabs

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    yarn codeceptjs-saucelabs -D
    export SAUCE_USERNAME = <your_sauce_username>
    export SAUCE_KEY = <your_sauce_accesskey>

Sauce Labs Configuration

Simply use existing configuration in your project

    const saucelabs_condfig = require('codeceptjs-saucelabs').cofing.saucelabs;

Sauce Labs Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first page you'll see when you log into the Sauce Labs web interface. It provides you with information about the most recent tests you've run and your account usage, and provides links to other important pages such as the Archives of your previous test results and detailed account information.

This module creates Unique Dashboard for each build by passing Unique Key automatically. If you'd like to provide more information to the Sauce Dashboard ID, you can prepend your information thru environment variable SAUCE_BUILD.

    SAUCE_BUILD=release_1.0.1 yarn acceptance --profile sauce:chrome

Above command will create a unique Dashboard of Title release_1.0.1 - <unique_number>.

If you do not provide SAUCE_BUILD, then this module will still create Dashboard with <unique_number>.

Commands to execute your tests on Sauce Labs

N.B: You must export your Sauce Username and AccessKey as described above.

run on Single browser - serially

e.g. Runs all feature files serially on chrome on saucelabs

    npx run codeceptjs run --profile sauce:chrome

run on Single browser - all in Parallel

e.g. Runs all feature files in parallel on chrome on saucelabs

    npx run codeceptjs run-multiple parallel --profile sauce:chrome

run on Multiple browsers - all in Parallel

e.g. Runs all feature files on Chrome, IE and Firefox on saucelabs

    npx run codeceptjs run-multiple multibrowsers --profile sauce:chrome,ie,firefox

Supported Browsers

chrome, firefox, safari, edge, ie, mobileSimulator, tabletSimulator

N.B: Please raise an issue and submit a PR to add more browsers/platform support

Run localhost on Sauce Labs Browsers

Step 1: Start Tunnel

    git clone
    export SAUCE_USERNAME=<sauce_username>
    export SAUCE_KEY=<sauce_key>
    cd codeceptjs-bdd
    lerna bootstrap
    node codeceptjs-bdd/packages/codeceptjs-saucelabs/lib/sauce.connect.launcher.js

Step 2: Run localhost on SauceLabs browser

1. Go to Saucelabs and launch manual session
2. Select Tunnel
3. Select Browser/OS
4. Enter URL and replace "localhost" with your Computer Name to connect to the code running locally


npm i codeceptjs-saucelabs

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