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    CodeCamp Kit is a markdown web server, that is designed to enable you to author documentation and training materials using markdown as your content and your file structure as your endpoints.

    CodeCamp Kit works like a single page application, but it serves markdown files instead of html files and uses the github markdown styles for each file.


    • JSBin Embedded Integration -

    • RunKit Integration -

    • Setting the Web Title using a package.json file

    • Setting the meta description using a description in the package.json file

    • is the default root file of every folder in your project.

    • will be injected as a header for every file.

    • will be injected as a footer for every file.

    • css/style.css is optional to add custom styles

    Getting Started


    mkdir mycodecamp
    cd mycodecamp
    yarn init -y
    yarn add codecampkit
    yarn run cck-init
    yarn start


    mkdir mycodecamp
    npm install json -g
    npm init
    npm install codecampkit -S
    json -I -f package.json -e 'this.scripts.start = "cck"'
    mkdir css
    touch css/style.css
    echo '<header><h1>Workshop Header</h1></header>' >>
    echo '<footer>All Rights Reserved...</footer>' >>
    echo "# CodeCamp Kit Rocks!" >>
    npm start


    We wanted to create a process that removed some unneeded decisions about documentation and training materials.

    • How do students access the content?
    • How do teachers teach the content?
    • How can we use existing tools and platforms to make the content interactive?

    Github is a great platform and git is a great version control system, managing content in a way that the content can exist in one location and distributed in a consumable way to several devices, the solution stack of git + responsive web is a solid choice. Markdown is a great way to write content, because you can mix both Markdown and HTML in the same file, this enables the ability to embed tools inside your content to create an immersive experience.

    Markdown All the things

    The codecampkit module focuses on markdown as its main source of content, using markdown will enables you to collaborate well with others and focus on content and exercises. The codecampkit is not necessarily for self-learning, but more focused for instructor lead classes.


    • 1-lesson
    • 2-lesson

    Every folder is a lesson and in each lesson there are a index, demo, and one or more exercises.


    - [Intro](/intro)
    - [Lesson 1](/lesson1)
      - [Demo](/lesson1/demo)
      - [Ex1](/lesson1/1)

    Embedded Demos and Exercises

    CCK is agnostic to how you build your demo's and exercises, but a great way is the runkit embedded nodejs system, it enables you to run nodejs and npm modules right from your markdown pages. See the How To page for more info.



    • Can I serve as a static site?

    With some shell commands it should be possible:

    mkdir -p 'dist/'
    mkdir -p 'dist/js'
    mkdir -p 'dist/css'
    curl 'localhost:3000' > 'dist/index.html'
    curl 'localhost:3000/js/bundle.js' > 'dist/js/bundle.js'
    curl 'localhost:3000/css/style.css' > 'dist/css/style.css'
    cp **/*.md > dist

    CodeCampKit Repo Owner Deployment Instructions

    If you want to contribute a change and publish the change to codecampkit, here are the instructions.

    npm run build
    npm version patch
    git push origin master --tags
    npm publish




    npm i codecampkit

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