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Lets be honest, coding has always been quite boring, staring at screens of old 2D pages of code, ..., now with code2stl, a Revolution is coming, 3d code like you’ve never seen it before.


3D code is scientifically proven to change your perspective on code, fixing ugly portions of code such as callback hells, code duplication and many other horrors that have riddled the 2d world of the past.

Fear no more, code is now beautiful thanks to our patent pending, world class 3d rendering engine !

3D code is the salvation programmers have been waiting for, wait no more and join the future by using code2stl, and awesome brogramming !!!



How to use it?

Install it via NPM:

$ npm install code2stl -g

And convert your source code using:

$ code2stl --input=myfile.js