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Go language server extension using gopls for coc.nvim.


In your vim/neovim, run command:

:CocInstall coc-go


See gopls


Additional to commands provided by gopls, this extensions provides these commands:

Key Description
go.install.gomodifytags Install / update gomodifytags
go.install.goplay Install / update goplay
go.install.gopls Install / update gopls
go.install.gotests Install / update gotests
go.playground Run on go playground
go.tags.add Add tags to struct fields
go.tags.add.line Add tags to struct field in current line
go.tags.add.prompt Add tags to struct fields (prompt)
go.tags.clear Remove all tags from struct fields
go.tags.clear.line Remove all tags from struct fields in current line
go.tags.remove Remove tags from struct fields
go.tags.remove.line Remove tags from struct field in current line
go.tags.remove.prompt Remove tags from struct fields (prompt)
go.test.generate.exported Generate unit tests for exported functions in file
go.test.generate.file Generate unit tests for file
go.test.toggle Toggle test file
go.version Print extension version


  • Add or Remove specific tags

    CocCommand go.tags.add yaml
    CocCommand go.tags.add yaml json xml
    CocCommand go.tags.remove xml
  • Add missing imports on save

    autocmd BufWritePre *.go :call CocAction('runCommand', 'editor.action.organizeImport')
  • Map Keys to command

    autocmd FileType go nmap gtj :CocCommand go.tags.add json<cr>
    autocmd FileType go nmap gty :CocCommand go.tags.add yaml<cr>
    autocmd FileType go nmap gtx :CocCommand go.tags.clear<cr>


Snippets are imported from microsoft/vscode-go and require coc-snippets to be installed.

Configuration options

Key Description Default
go.enable Enable Go extension
go.goplsArgs Arguments passed to gopls (Change requires :CocRestart)
go.goplsOptions See gopls documentation
‣ buildFlags This is the set of flags passed on to the build system when invoked. It is applied to queries like go list, which is used when discovering files. The most common use is to set -tags.
‣ completeUnimported EXPERIMENTAL If true, the completion engine is allowed to make suggestions for packages that you do not currently import. false
‣ completionDocumentation EXPERIMENTAL If false, indicates that the user does not want documentation with completion results. true
‣ deepCompletion EXPERIMENTAL If true, this turns on the ability to return completions from deep inside relevant entities, rather than just the locally accessible ones. true
‣ env This can be used to add environment variables. These will not affect gopls itself, but will be used for any external commands it invokes.
‣ experimentalDisabledAnalyses EXPERIMENTAL A list of the names of analysis passes that should be disabled. You can use this to turn off analyses that you feel are not useful in the editor.
‣ fuzzyMatching EXPERIMENTAL If true, this enables server side fuzzy matching of completion candidates. true
‣ hoverKind This controls the information that appears in the hover text. SynopsisDocumentation
‣ linkTarget This controls where points documentation for given package in textDocument/documentLink.
‣ staticcheck EXPERIMENTAL If true, it enables the use of the analyzers.
‣ usePlaceholders If true, then completion responses may contain placeholders for function parameters or struct fields. false
go.goplsPath Path to gopls bin (Change requires :CocRestart)
‣ options Comma separated tag=options pairs to be used by go.tags.add command json=omitempty
‣ tags Comma separated tags to be used by go.tags.add command json
‣ transform Transformation rule used by go.tags.add command to add tags snakecase
‣ generateFlags Additional command line flags to pass to gotests for generating tests. []
go.trace.server Trace level of gopls

Trigger completion in coc-settings.json to get complete list.

Example Configuration

  "go.goplsOptions": {
    "completeUnimported": true


  1. Run yarn build or yarn build:watch
  2. Run yarn run link:add to link extension


  • Check for tool updates and prompt the the user

  • Add goimpl command

      "command": "go.impl.cursor",
      "title": "Generate Interface Stubs"
  • Add godoctor refactor commands

      "command": "go.godoctor.extract",
      "title": "Extract to function"
      "command": "go.godoctor.variable",
      "title": "Extract to variable"
  • Add fillstruct command

      "command": "go.fill.struct",
      "title": "Fill struct"



How does coc-go compare to vim-go?**

With coc-go I do not aim to recreate the features of vim-go. For now, the main goal is to provide a convenient way to install gopls and use it with coc.nvim.

If you need more than the features provided by gopls, you are probably better of with vim-go or govim.


MIT © Josa Gesell


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