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Eslint language server extension for coc.nvim.

Forked from vscode-eslint.


In your vim/neovim run the following command:

:CocInstall coc-eslint


  • Lint javascript files using eslint.
  • Provide codeActions for fixing lint issues.
  • Provide eslint commands:
    • eslint.createConfig create eslint config file.
    • eslint.executeAutofix fix all fixable issues of current buffer.

Configuration options

Notice these configuration settings allow you to configure the behaviour of the coc-eslint extension.

  • eslint.enable: enable/disable ESLint. This is enabled by default.
  • eslint.quiet - ignore warnings.
  • eslint.packageManager: controls the package manager to be used to resolve the ESLint library. This has only an influence if the ESLint library is resolved globally. Valid values are "npm" or "yarn".
  • eslint.options: options to configure how ESLint is started using the ESLint CLI Engine API. Defaults to an empty option bag. An example to point to a custom .eslintrc.json file is:
      "eslint.options": {"configFile": "C:/mydirectory/.eslintrc.json"}
  • - run the linter onSave or onType. The Default is onType.
  • eslint.autoFixOnSave - enables auto fix on save.
  • eslint.nodePath - use this setting if an installed ESLint package can't be detected. For example /myGlobalNodePackages/node_modules.
  • eslint.filetypes - an array of language identifiers specifying the files to be validated.
  • eslint.codeAction.disableRuleComment - object with properties:
    • enable - show disable lint rule in the quick fix menu. true by default.
    • location - choose to either add the eslint-disable comment on the separateLine or sameLine. separateLine is the default. Example:
    {"enable": true, "location": "sameLine"}
  • eslint.codeAction.showDocumentation - object with properties:
    • enable - show open lint rule documentation web page in the quick fix menu. true by default.


The extension supports automatic fixing of warnings to the extent that it is supported by eslint. For warnings which support an auto-fix. You can apply the quick fix by either:

  • Set eslint.autoFixOnSave to true and save your file (recommended).
  • Trigger <Plug>(coc-codeaction) with mapped keys, and select a fix action in the input list.
  • Run command :CocCommand eslint.executeAutofix.
  • Trigger command eslint.executeAutofix from :Denite coc-command.




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