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    😎 An awesome and fully customizable coc-extension to get Discord Rich Presence integration with NeoVim / Vim.

    Remember to 🌟 this Github if you 💖 it.

    For something in between a dakyskye/coc-cord, iCrawl/discord-vscode and a Satoqz/vscode-discord.

    This may not be the best discord rpc, but it is a discord rpc. 😁

    📌 Features

    • Highly customizable in using the extension settings
    • Shows what you're working on in NeoVim / Vim
    • Shows the amount of problems in your workspace
    • Shows the number of lines in your file and which line you're editing
    • Respects Discords 15sec limit when it comes to updating your status
    • Support for over 130+ of the most popular languages
    • Enable/Disable RPC for individual workspaces
    • Custom string support
    • Easily manually reconnect to Discord Gateway
    • Idle indication when you tab out for a while
    • Support flatpak/snapstore version of Discord

    All texts is fully customizable using variables and a multitude of config options

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    📄 Wiki

    Checkout wiki for more details:

    👨‍💻 Contributing

    To contribute to this repository, feel free to create a new fork of the repository and submit a pull request.

    1. Fork / Clone and select the main branch.
    2. Create a new branch in your fork.
    3. Make your changes.
    4. Commit your changes, and push them.
    5. Submit a Pull Request here!

    📋 License

    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


    npm i coc-discord-rpc

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