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npm node build robot

You: resourceful business communications and collaboration enabler.

You need automation to help your people get stuff done. For example:

  • Onboard teams from a roster of email addresses (script name: onboard-teams)
  • List/toggle (to get/set) specific feature flags (script name: developer-features)
  • Use a guest (JWT login) to send a message to yourself (script name: guest-credentials)
  • Make a copy of a space's memberships/messages (script names: export-data/roster-memberships)
  • List/create/delete webhooks and diagnose webhook delivery problems (script name: developer-webhooks)

And so much more! Follow the easy setup below to get started! Consider sharing scripts or script ideas!

Get Started (use scripts)

If your npm --version is 5.2.0 or better, try: npx cisco-webex-tools tutorial, or else:

  1. Install NodeJS LTS, if you haven't already. (provides npm command)
  2. Run npm install --global cisco-webex-tools to install the cisco-webex-tools command.
  3. Read the help text (printed when the command is run without arguments or with -h, --help)

Once installed, cwt provides a short alias. Scripts may also have short aliases.

Get Started (add scripts)

  1. Clone this repository into a directory, and therein run npm install.
  2. Read Documentation and some of the support and scripts code.

Open PRs with anything and everything awesome!


Help! Install didn't work! (permissions)

The npx command (bundled with node like npm) is easiest, if you just want to run a script once.

Consider a global install via npm (adds cisco-webex-tools to your PATH) if you run scripts often.

In order to install this way, node must make network connections and read/write files in certain folders.

If you're on macOS and not using something like brew, you may need to use sudo .

Another great tool, especially if you have need to manage multiple versions of node, is nvm.

Help! A script didn't work!

Any script that terminates abnormally may provide you with details useful in filing/fixing a bug.

Consider if that's the right course of action; under normal conditions, no script should crash!

Re-running a command with -d or --debug might help explain exactly what has gone wrong.

If you think there is a problem with any script, please open an issue or PR on GitHub!

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