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    CI Logger

    CI Logger is a very simple logger designed for CI environments - no colors, no timestamps - just data. Log entries can be formatted to indicate the results of a previous message, and the process can be terminated of an error is logged.


    const logger = require('ci-logger');
    logger.log({message: 'Retrieving data from somewhere...'});
    // Retrieving data from somewhere...
    logger.log({message: 'Error retrieving data', isResult: true, level: logger.levels.warn});
    //  ⮡ Error retrieving data
    logger.log({message: 'Error retrieving data', isResult: true, level: logger.levels.error, exitOnError: true, errorCode: 2});
    //  ⮡ Error retrieving data
    // Fatal error - exiting (2)

    The log function must be passed an object with the following possible properties:

    • The message property contains the message to be logged and is the only required property. It can be any value except undefined or null.
    • The level property must be one of 'info', 'warn', or 'error' (one of the values of the levels enumeration exposed by the module). The default value is
    • The isResult property is a boolean value intended to indicate the result of an operation, primarily intended to simplify reading busy CI console logs. If isResult is true, the logged message is indented and prefixed with the resultPrefix string value to indicate it is the result of the preceeding message. If false, the message is not altered. The default value of isResult is false. The default value for resultPrefix is '\u2BA1' ('⮡ ').
    • The exitOnError property is a boolean value indicating whether the process should exit if an error is logged. If true, the error will be logged, a fatal error message will be logged, and process.exit will be called with the errorCode value (an integer). The default value of exitOnError is true, and the default value of errorCode is 1.

    The getLogEntry function can be used to retrieve a complete log entry as it would be logged, with default values populating any unspecified values.

    const logger = require('ci-logger');
    const logEntry = logger.getLogEntry({message: 'Retrieving data from somewhere...'});
    // logEntry = {
    //     message: 'Retrieving data from somewhere...',
    //     isResult: false,
    //     level: 'info',
    //     exitOnError: true,
    //     errorCode: 1,
    //     resultPrefix: '\u2BA1'
    // }

    Default Log Entry Values

    The default values for errorCode, exitOnError, isResult, level, and resultPrefix, as detailed above, are used when they are not specified for a specific log entry. If desired, those defaults can be changed using the setLogEntryDefaults function. This function accepts an object with any or all of these values.

    const logger = require('ci-logger');
    logger.setLogEntryDefaults({ errorCode: 2, level: logger.levels.warn });

    The default values can be set back to the original values via the resetLogEntryDefaults function.

    const logger = require('ci-logger');


    npm i ci-logger

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