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    Immutable/Event-driven/Declarative/FunctionalReactiveProgramming framework adding first class reactive values 'over time' with smart dependency resolving capability to JavaScript

    Getting started

    Install chronologic using npm.

    npm install chronologic

    Then require it into any module.

    const __ = require("chronologic");
    const __a = __();

    __a depends on "a value on some event".

    __b depends on __a.


    const __a = __();
    const __b = __([__a])
                        .__(([a]) => (+ 1)) ;
    const __log1 = __a.log("__a.t");
    const __log2 = __b.log("__b.t");
    __a.t = 5; //a value on some event


    __a.t: 5
    __b.t: 6

    Perspective for immutability of the universe

    Frozen block universe model

    Quora : Will the frozen block universe model be replaced by the model of the fourth expanding dimension which exalts photons, quantum mechanics, and time? The block universe contains no free will nor arrow of time, nor does it provide a model for the quantum nonlocality and the probabilistic behavior of a photon.

    Einstein taught us that two equivalent ways of thinking about our pysical reality. Either as a three-dimensional place space, where things change over time, or as a four-dimensional place called spacetime.

    Logically, if space and time exists within spacetime it must be so that time doesn not flow it is static, no arrow of time, as in your picture of the block universe. Spacetime simply would exists, unchanging, or as you expressed it; frozen.

    Concerning the picture of conventional space-time it illustrates a slice of spacetime which is represents the present moment. Relative to this present moment we refer to other moments which are behind it to be of the past, and in front of it to be in the future. In spacetime there is no distinction between the past, present and the future. These concepts are all equally real and are just different parts of the structure that is spacetime.

    All of this points towards block universe view of looking at reality. What about the quantum nonlocality?

    From what I’ve read about quantum nonlocality, it is simply a product of the assumption that all observers obey the laws of classical mechanics and the observed systems obey quantum mechanics. And if we instead assumed that both the observers and the observed system obeyed quantum mechanics locality would be restored, as you do in the many world interpretation (MWI).

    So, the block universe view is accurate if the MWI is also accurate. This interpretation in simplified terms proclaims that wavefunction never collapses as an observation of a system is made. This theory originated from the fact that wavefunction collapse is in violation to the Schrödinger equation, the collapse was mainly invented to explain why measurements seemed to have definite outcomes. The MWI theory instead suggest that something called quantum decoherence happens, which isn’t in violation with the Schrödinger equation, and means that the wavefucntion rules supreme and changes at all times without there being an observation or not. To me, this makes more sense.

    To get a better grip at quantum decoherence look up “the quantum card” thought experiment.

    Mathematical universe hypothesis


    Our Mathematical Universe

    Chronologic Programming

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    npm i chronologic

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