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Light cross-platform launcher for Google Chrome.



process = spawn(url, [options])

Spawns a new Chrome instance in a separate process using child_process.spawn.

Options include:

  • args: additional command-line arguments to pass to Chrome. See here for a full list.
  • dir: user configuration directory to use. By default, one will be created and then removed when the process is killed.
  • env: environment variables to use. Defaults to process.env.
  • nuke: remove opts.dir when the process exits.

The following command-line options are passed to Chrome in addition to the ones you supply:

  • --no-first-run
  • --no-default-browser-check
  • --disable-translate
  • --disable-default-apps
  • --disable-popup-blocking
  • --disable-zero-browsers-open-for-tests
  • --user-data-dir=${opts.dir}


MIT. See for details.