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choo-devtools stability

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Console devtools for Choo. Useful for inspecting the state of applications, tuning performance, and quick iteration. No installation needed means it works in all browsers and Electron! ✨


var choo = require('choo')
var app = choo()
if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {


Print out information about all commands.



Log out the Choo state object.

❯ choo.state


Log all state modificiations using object-change-callsite. Logs out the key, value, and stack trace for the change. Useful when you're dealing with unexpected values in your state. Especially useful when enabling asynchronous stack traces in the devtools.

// Enable debugging
❯ choo.debug
// Disable debugging
❯ choo.debug = false

Log out information about the browser's storage capabilities.



Log out the last 150 events that occured in Choo. Useful during debugging to quickly figure out which sequences of events were responsible for the current state.

❯ choo.log

To enable state snapshots on each event, call choo.debug. Be warned that this may severely impact performance – it's recommended to only use this for debugging state.


Serialize the current state to JSON and copy it to the clipboard. Can be passed a selector (such as href) to do a partial copy. Useful if you want to create a test based on the current application state.

// Copy all of state.
❯ choo.copy()
// Copy `state.href`.
❯ choo.copy('href')


Get an array with the registered routes.

❯ choo.routes