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Chondric is a lightweight JavaScript MVC framework.

It provides the structure necessary for a single page app, but leaves the app pages behaving as much like standard html as possible.

A node.js update script handles the initial setup of a new app. Install with

npm install -g chondric-tools

To start building a new app, create an app definition file (appdef.js). This can be created from a template with:

chondric create

The app definition should look something like:

    htmlPath: "apphtml",
    title: "App Name",
    appHost: "apphost",
    pages: [
            id: "firstpage",
            title: "First Page"
            id: "secondpage",
            title: "Second Page"
    pageTemplate: "pagetemplate.html"

To create the app from the definition, run


This script can be run at any time to add new pages to the app - any files that already exist will be skipped, except for index.html which will be partially updated to keep page script references up to date.

To update referenced scripts, run

bower install

If apphost is specified, an express based web server will be set up to make the contents of apphtml available in a browser. Settings are taken from a .env file. Run it with

node apphost.js


Link the dev folder globally

cd /git/ChondricJS/framework
npm link

Link it in the app also

cd /git/ChondricJS/example
npm link chondric-tools

Add an environment variable to have scripts and css served directly from the chondric source rather than from the built version copied to the app folder.


Use node-dev to automatically restart the server if the code is changed

node-dev apphost

Client script

See the wiki for details of the browser development.