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CHI Mini Nodebot Workshop

A nodeschool workshop that will make your Photon alive with rwaldron/johnny-five

# Install 
npm install -g chi-nodebot
# Run 

A series of code challenges will teach you the basics of the johnny-five api, a framework for working with Arduino and other rapid prototyping boards.

The workshop will pose a challenge, you will code a solution which the workshop will then verify.

You will be writing working, executable johnny-five code.

Each of your solutions can be run by the workshop or directly as a node program.

Setup a photon and run your solution directly to see it run for real.


Code style

To move towards a consistent style for nodeschool projects we use the .jshintrc as defined in learnyounode:


npm scripts are present for testing and linting:

$ npm run test
$ npm run lint

A pre-commit hook will be installed in your repo clone to run the test/lint scripts with every commit.



  • @gorhgorh - French
  • @n0bisuke - Japanese

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