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Changelog-reminder is a CHANGELOG file parsing and logging tool. It will parse the changelog file with keep a changelog as the standard format.

After parsing the changelog file of your project, it will show what new features have been added since the last update and records the current changelog version as the basis for the next.

Install changelog-reminder

$ npm install changelog-reminder

Or install it to global:

$ npm install changelog-reminder -g

npm is a builtin CLI when you install Node.js - Installing Node.js with NVM

Start parsing and logging

Make sure you have a changelog file in your project. You can find the sample and standard format changelog file in keep a changelog.

Installed in global

$ changelog-reminder

It will outputs all changes after parsing:asciicast

Installed as a dependency in project

Add this starting instruction to NPM scripts, such as this package.json:

  "name": "example",
  "version": "0.0.1",
  "scripts": {
    "start": "changelog-reminder && node main.js"

Then run $ npm run start, the changelog-reminder will launch.

No changes found

If no changes found, changelog-reminder will show the status:


Usage: changelog-reminder [options]. Check all options by typing $ changelog-reminder -h

Config file

Changelog-reminder will load changelog-reminder.yaml as config file by default. Also you can use changelog-reminder -c <file relative path> to specify a config file.

If no config file is existed in your project, the config data will use default arguments.

// changelog-reminder.js
const path = require("path");
module.exports = {
  confirm: true,
  showIntro: true,
  changelog: "./test/CHANGELOG",
  logger: path.join(process.cwd(), "./test/.changelogger")
  • changelog: Specify the changelog file. Default: $ ./CHANGELOG
  • logger: Specify the logger file, it records which verison you are staying at. Default: .changelogger
  • showIntro option: changelog-reminder will display the CHANGELOG introduction each time. Default: true
  • confirm option: after displaying the changes, changelog-reminder will enquire your whether already know the changes. It makes sure developers exactly know what's new. Default: false



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