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    Cerceis-Library (known as CLIB).

    A Quality of life library

    • Contains list of quality of life functions that is written in TypeScript and es6.
    • Module
    • Author: Cerceis


    npm i cerceis-lib@latest



    import { Generate } from "cerceis-lib";
    const id = Generate.objectId();


    const { Generate } = require("cerceis-lib");
    const id = Generate.objectId();

    List of functions

    *Documentation written as JSDoc. Most of the IDE should recognize if you hover above the function.

    To make things more organized, functions are separated into their respective parent, simply import the parent to use them.

    Catalog still in progress!

    • Constant: database of various category.
      • gemStones: List of Gem stones name.
      • colors: List of Color's name.
    • Delay: Quick async/await wrapper for delay. ex) await Delay(100).
    • FromArray: Collection of array methods.
      • getRandom: Get random element from an array.
      • getLargest: Get largest element from an array.
      • getSmallest: Get smaller element from an array.
      • getIntersect: Get intersection of two arrays.
      • shuffle: Shuffle array.
      • thanosSnap: Randomly remove half of the element.
      • toObject: Convert array into object.
      • log: A wrapper to console log an array, can take specified index range to print specific range, useful when logging large dataset.
    • FromNum: Collection of Number methods.
      • roll: Roll percentage. ex) roll(60), 60% will return true.
      • diceRoll: Typical TRPG dice roll. ex) FromNum.diceRoll(3).D(20) = Roll 3 D20 Dice.
      • minMaxScale: Scale number down to 0 ~ 1.
      • unminMaxScale: Revert back to original value.
      • sum: Literally Sum up a list of numbers.
      • softMax: Converts a vector of K real numbers into a probability distribution of K possible outcomes.
      • mean: Return the mean of an list of numbers.
      • toRomanNumeral: Convert numeric values into Roman Numeral string.
      • sigmoid: A sigmoid function is a bounded, differentiable, real function that is defined for all real input values and has a non-negative derivative at each point and exactly one inflection point.
      • relu: ReLU (Rectified Linear Unit function)
      • softPlus: Soft Plus function
      • toNearest: Round number to nearest specified number.
      • toShortReadable: Convert number into short readable string. Ex) 1000 -> 1k, 1,500,000 -> 1.5m
      • stdDiv: Return the standard diviation of the given list.
    • FromObject: Collection of Object methods.
      • ObjectToArray: Convert object into Array.
      • flatten: Flatten nested object.
      • getDeepest: Get deepest entries of a nexted object.
      • sumAll: Sum all the value in an object.
      • min: Find the min value in an object.
      • max: Find the max value in an object.
    • FromString: Collection of String methods.
      • copyToClipboard: Copy string to clipboard.
      • replaceFirst: Replace first N number of letter with desired string.
      • replaceLast: Replace last N number of letter with desired string.
      • parseCookies: Parse http cookies into object.
      • deepClean: Purify string, leaving only 0-9 a-z A-Z.
      • count: Count the number of occurrences of the disired word/letter.
    • FromTime: Collection of time methods.
      • jpnDayMap: Not a function. Map value of int to jpn day label
      • format: Format date object into "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss".
      • toMs: Convert time to ms.
      • toSeconds: Convert time to seconds.
      • toMinutes: Convert time to minutes.
      • toHours: Convert time to hours.
      • toDateTimeShortLocale: Convert time to short human readable date string.
    • FromVector: Vector manipulation.
      • create: Create a vector object.
        • add
        • limit
        • div
        • mult
        • heading
        • sub
        • setMag
        • magSq
        • mag
        • normalize
        • copy
        • dist
        • toVector2
        • toVector3
    • Gacha: Gacha system.
    • Generate: Collection of data generation methods.
      • alphanum: Generate Alphanumeric value.
      • objectId: Generate objectId.
      • int: Generate Integer.
      • random: Generate random number of given range.
      • array: Array of selected element type.
      • alphabate: Generate alphabate.
      • currentDate: Current date "YYYY-MM-DD".
      • currentTime: Current time "HH:mm:ss".
      • currentDateTime: Current date time "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss".
      • listOfDateOfDays: Generates and return list of date of specified day.
    • Is: Type check.
    • KMeans: Simplified K-means clustering method.
    • Logger: Coloful and advance console.log() wrapper.
    • Obfuscator: Obfuscate string.
    • Sha256: Sha256 algorithm.
    • Validator: Form validation (in-progress)


    Version Date Description
    2.2.3 2023-1-11 Added FromNum.toShortReadable.
    2.2.2 2023-1-6 Added Constant.
    2.2.0 2023-1-5 Added some more functions, and mainly new "FromVector" that can do various vector manipulation.
    2.1.0 2022-10-5 Added multiple mathematical functions and fixed memory leak on Delay on some browser.
    2.0.1 2022-8-16 Major update, structure changed and added lot's of unfction.
    1.5.70 2022-8-9 Added FromObject, Moved ArrayToObject to FromArray, and ObjectToArray to FromObject.
    1.5.62 2022-6-9 Added Num
    1.5.30 2022-3-14 Added "Is", a function set to check various type.
    1.5.24 2022-3-08 Added Prob and fixed various bugs.
    1.5 2022-2-16 Added Delay & various fixes. Now supports both CJS and MJS.
    1.3 2021-12-28 Updated documentation, Added JSDoc, ShuffleArray. Merged GenerateObjectId, Array, RandomInt, Alphanum into Generate. Merged GetLargest, GetRandomElement, GetSmallest, Intersect into GetArray
    1.2 2021-12-23 Added TomeConverter, KMeans StringPadding
    1.1 2021-12-17 Added Logger, CopyToClipboard, several


    • There is an old version of cerceisLib, what are the difference ?
      There's one written 2 years ago, althought it still can be used, but it's not recommended. I will be gradually migrating most of the functions to this newer version.


    npm i cerceis-lib

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