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    Cardinal Direction

    Each of the 4 main compass quadrants (N,E,S,W), contain 7 sub-regions. This tool can be used to convert a degree ranging from 0-360 to a correlated cardinal direction.

    Example of North Quadrant Cardinal Directions

    See CardinalDirection for the full list.

    • N – North
    • NbE – North by East
    • NNE – North Northeast
    • NEbN – Northeast by North
    • NE – Northeast
    • NEbE – Northeast by East
    • ENE – East Northeast
    • EbN – East by North


    npm install cardinal-direction


    const Compass = require("cardinal-direction");


    Converts a compass degree value into its correlated cardinal value.

    Param Type Required Description
    degree number yes A number between 0 and 360.
    subset CardinalSubset no Restricts the return value to a subset of the possible cardinal directions. The default is Full. See CardinalSubset for more.
     * Basic usage.
     * - returns "SW"
     * Restricting results with subset.
     * - returns "W"
    Compass.cardinalFromDegree(221, Compass.CardinalSubset.Basic);


    Converts a cardinal direction into its correlated degree value.

    Param Type Required Description
    cardinal CardinalDirection yes One of the possible cardinal directions. See CardinalDirection for more.
     * These all return 90.


    Converts a cardinal value to either its abbreviation or full title.

    Param Type Required Description
    cardinal string/number yes One of the CardinalDirection enum member values, or its full title. See Cardinal Table for context.
    Compass.cardinalConverter(3): // NEbN
    Compass.cardinalConverter("NEbN"): // Northeast by North
    Compass.cardinalConverter("Northeast by North"); // NEbN

    CardinalSubset enum

    This subset enum can be used to fine tune the return value of cardinalFromDegree. When used the specified degree will be pushed to the nearest accepted cardinal direction, based on your restriction.

    Value Description
    Full Enables all possible cardinal directions to be retuned. Default
    Basic Restricts the possible returned cardinals to N,E,S,W.
    Ordinal Extends Basic to include NE,SE,SW,NW,.
    Intercardinal Extends Ordinal to include NNE,ENE,ESE,SSE,SSW,WSW,WNW,NNW.

    CardinalDirection enum

    There are 32 cardinal directions on a compass. But this numeric enum is 0 indexed.

    Compass.CardinalDirection[0]; // "N"
    Compass.CardinalDirection["N"]; // 0
    Compass.CardinalDirection.N; // 0

    Cardinal Table

    Integer Abbreviation Title
    0 N North
    1 NbE North by East
    2 NNE North Northeast
    3 NEbN Northeast by North
    4 NE Northeast
    5 NEbE Northeast by East
    6 ENE East Northeast
    7 EbN East by North
    8 E East
    9 EbS East by South
    10 ESE East Southeast
    11 SEbE Southeast by East
    12 SE Southeast
    13 SEbS Southeast by South
    14 SSE South Southeast
    15 SbE South by East
    16 S South
    17 SbW South by West
    18 SSW South Southwest
    19 SWbS Southwest by South
    20 SW Southwest
    21 SWbW Southwest by West
    22 WSW West Southwest
    23 WbS West by South
    24 W West
    25 Wbs West by North
    26 WNW West Northwest
    27 NWbW Northwest by West
    28 NW Northwest
    29 NWbN Northwest by North
    30 NNW North Northwest
    31 NbW North by West


    npm i cardinal-direction

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