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Carbon add-ons for Watson IoT

Carbon add-ons for Watson IoT

Carbon add-ons for Watson IoT is an open-source react component library built by IBM Watson Internet Of Things. With the Carbon Design System and IBM Design Language as its foundation, the library consists of working code, resources, and a vibrant community of contributors.

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# with npm
npm install carbon-addons-iot-react d3@">=5.0.0 <=5.14.2"

# with yarn
yarn add carbon-addons-iot-react d3@">=5.0.0 <=5.14.2"

@next pre-releases from next   -   view @next storybook

# with npm
npm install carbon-addons-iot-react@next d3@">=5.0.0 <=5.14.2"

# with yarn
yarn add carbon-addons-iot-react@next d3@">=5.0.0 <=5.14.2"

d3 is a peer dependency due to the usage of @carbon/charts in various components. The required version range is specified in package.json

Subscribe to all pre-releases on next

Pre-release versions are available on carbon-addons-iot-react@next. The default version range that is automatically added to your package.json on install/add will only follow pre-releases on the same major.minor.patch version. The version range can be modifed to follow all pre-releases:

"dependencies": {
-    "carbon-addons-iot-react": "^2.139.0-next.4"
+    "carbon-addons-iot-react": "next"

🚀 Quick Start

To test drive everything here, use create-iot-react-app. It will create a new project that is preconfigured with everything you need to begin to build an application.

npx create-iot-react-app <app-name>


What's included

├── css
│   ├── carbon-addons-iot-react.css
│   └──
├── scss
│   └── components
│       └── modal
│           └── _modal.scss
│       └── ...
│   └── globals
│       └── scss
│           └── _vars.scss
│           └── ...
│   └── styles.scss (sass entrypoint)

Compiled CSS files are provided for ease of use getting started.

A sass entrypoint is available at scss/styles.scss for use in your project.

Using sass files (instead of the compiled .css) infers usage of a SCSS pre-processor. All Sass files use the *.scss file extension. For transpiling Sass code, use node-sass based Sass compilers, for example, WebPack sass-loader or gulp-sass. Make sure your build process uses autoprefixer to ensure vendor prefixes are automatically added to your output CSS.

Feedback and improvement requests regarding this configuration would be appreciated, please open an issue.


Usage of this package does not require you to install additional Carbon packages; carbon-components, carbon-components-react, or @carbon packages (@carbon/grid, @carbon-layout, etc) as peer dependencies. You may still need these packages if you use them directly in your project.

🤲 Contributing

Please check out our Contribution Guidelines for more info on how you can help out!


You can find our component test statement here

If you are using our project with Jest tests, due to it's dependency on d3, you may have to add some mock to your Jest setup script. See this issue for more details:

Here's an example setup script, update your jest config to point to a setup script: setupFiles: ['setupJest.js'],

setupJest.js contents:

class SVGPathElement extends HTMLElement {}

window.SVGPathElement = SVGPathElement;
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