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MIT-licensed, client-side, JavaScript framework that makes building rich web applications easy.

WARNING: This npm package is for the CanJS client-side MV* libraries. It was formerly the node-can project which has been moved to socketcan. A HUGE thanks to Sebastian Haas for letting us use the can name!

NOTE: The canjs NPM package name is deprecated. Use can instead.

CanJS is a collection of the following client-side JavaScript architectural libraries:

The best, most hardened and generally useful libraries in CanJS.

Useful libraries that extend or add important features to the core collection.

Utility libraries that power the premier collection.

Former libraries that are still supported.

Libraries that are no longer supported. We still accept patches.

Before you make an issue, please read our Contributing guide.

You can find the core team in gitter chat.

See the Changelog.

MIT License, see License.