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BufferView - A DataView for node Buffers

This one is simple: It's doing exactly what DataView does but takes a node.js Buffer for it. The sole difference is that it additionally provides some convenience methods to work with interchangeable BufferView and DataView instances, depending on the backing buffer:

  • BufferView.create(Buffer|ArrayBuffer):BufferView|DataView creates a BufferView if wrapping a Buffer and a DataView otherwise
  • BufferView.isBufferView(*):boolean tests if a view is a BufferView wrapping a Buffer
  • BufferView.isDataView(*):boolean tests if a view is a DataView wrapping an ArrayBuffer

This basically lets you write code that is independent of what kind of buffer your backing buffer is, so that your library does not need to copy back and forth between Buffers and ArrayBuffers - that would be sad.

  • Extends DataView for instanceof compatibility
  • Well tested
  • Lean (BufferView.min.js is ~3KB)

License: Apache License, Version 2.0