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A library for interacting with ethereum, well suited for the browser.

Introducing Browseth a New Library for Interacting with Ethereum

Browseth documentation
browseth npm package: 0.0.51
@browseth/cli npm package: 0.0.10

Install Using Browseth Generator (Framework)

Install @browseth/cli

yarn global add @browseth/cli

Create a simple site

browseth-cli create-simple-site <path>
cd <path>

Install dependencies and run

yarn start

Sample Site

Installation For Development


npm install browseth


yarn add browseth


const Browseth = require('browseth');
// or
// import Browseth from 'browseth'
const beth = new Browseth();


  • ### distributions

    • The intention is to build a few separate packages, one for the front end and one for the back end and potentially a testing package. Currently everything is all under /src/index.ts
  • ### wallet

    • These packages are for account managment, sending transactions, and signing messages for each wallet (current support and planned support below).
    • Support:
      • Digital BitBox
      • Generic HD Wallet
      • JSON Keystore V3
      • KeepKey
      • Ledger
      • No-op (dummy endpoint)
      • Parity Mnemonic
      • Private Key
      • Tezor
      • Web3
  • ### transport

    • These are the packages that manage the raw IO with the ethereum clients.
    • Support:
      • Fetch API
      • Node js http(s)
      • XMLHttpRequest API
      • Websocket API
  • ### rpc

  • ### nodes

    • These packages expose a standard set of functionality that one might need to interact with ethereum.
    • Support is tentatively the same as the rpc nodes.
  • ### apis

    • These packages are for extending the functionality of ethereum beyond simple wrappers for ethereum-jsonrpc calls. The intention is to be inclusive by supporting these packages as optinoal plug ins.

    • Supported:

      • ENS .eth Registrar
      • ENS
      • Storage (ex: Swarm, Filecoin, Storj, etc.)
      • Trading Protool (ex: 0x, ForkDelta, etc.)

Current TODOs

  • Make the Node transactions event emiters and build out Contract event listening capabilities.

  • Support More Wallets:

    • Generic HD Wallet
    • Parity Mnemonic
  • Favor code generated config-based (jsonschema?) rpc.

  • Phase Out web3-eth-abi in favor of code generated abi.

  • Phase Out bignumber.js in favor of bn.js to be more in line with the rest of the community.


For now we'd like to just create issues. You're welcome to fork the code and make pull requests, we are aiming to have a fully featured package built over the summer and will be actively building and maintaining this library going forward.

Since this is a developer pre-release shared with close friends, also feel more than free to reach out directly to myself or the team

Thanks for taking a look :-).




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