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Bootstrap Show Password Toggle

A show password as text toggle for Bootstrap forms

  • Native-looking UI
  • Vanilla JavaScript with no dependencies
  • Base64 encoded SVG icons (no external images or fonts required)
  • Graceful fallback for browsers with JavaScript disabled
  • Works with Bootstrap 4 and 5
  • Supports dark mode (Bootstrap 5 only)
  • Only 1KB gzipped

show password toggle

Quick Start

  • Download the latest release
  • Clone the repo git clone
  • Install with npm npm install bootstrap-show-password-toggle
  • Install with yarn yarn add bootstrap-show-password-toggle


  1. Include the show-password-toggle.min.css in your CSS

  2. Wrap the password input in an input-group div as follows:

<div class="input-group">
  <input type="password" class="form-control rounded" required>
  <button id="toggle-password" type="button" class="d-none"
    aria-label="Show password as plain text. Warning: this will display your password on the screen.">
  1. Load the show-password-toggle.min.js after the form

I highly recommend adding the attributes: spellcheck="false", autocorrect="off" and autocapitalize="off" to the password input so that when the password is displayed in plain text the input is not auto-corrected, capitalized or spellchecked (to avoid red squiggly line underneath).

You should also add name="current-password" and autocomplete="current-password" to help browsers autocomplete the form.


Browser Support

Works well with all the browsers supported by Bootstrap


Q. Can I change the show password icon?

A. Yes you can change the icon displayed by replacing the .input-password[type="password"] Base64 encoded background image. SVG is recommended.

Known Issues

  • If the browser autofills the password input then the user-agent will apply background-image: none !important.
  • The password input requires the use of the required attribute. This is so the background-image is not displayed when the input is empty. (It'd be great if browsers supported the :blank pseudo-selector!)

Credits and Thanks

  • MDO and Bootstrap team for the icons
  • Sam Dutton at Google for the idea and initial JavaScript from the 'Sign-in form Best Practices' article
  • BrowserStack for providing the infrastructure that allows us to test in real browsers

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