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An unofficial nodejs API wrapper for Hyundai BlueLink

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npm install bluelinky


const BlueLinky = require('bluelinky');

const client = new BlueLinky({
  username: '',
  password: 'hunter1',
  brand: 'hyundai',
  region: 'US',
  pin: '1234'

client.on('ready', async () => {
  const vehicle = client.getVehicle('5NMS55555555555555');
  try {
    const response = await vehicle.lock();
  } catch (err) {
    // log the error from the command invocation 

client.on('error', async (err) => {
  // something went wrong with login

Debug locally

Ensure you have a config.json that matches the structure of the following, with your account details

  "username": "email",
  "password": "password",
  "pin": "pin",
  "brand": "kia" or "hyundai",
  "vin": "vin"

Run an install for all the dependencies, npm install

Now you can invoke the debug.ts script with npm run debug


Checkout out the docs for more info.

Important information for login problems:

  • If you experience login problems, please logout from the app on your phone and login again. You might need to ' upgrade ' your account to a generic Kia/Hyundai account, or create a new password or PIN.
  • After you migrated your Bluelink account to a generic Hyundai account, or your UVO account to a generic Kia account, make sure that both accounts have the same credentials (userid and password) to avoid confusion in logging in.

EU specific options

EU has specific Bluelinky options :

  • language: The language to use when login into the system, it will also change the laguage of your mobile app. en by default.
  • stampMode: Advanced The kind of stamping mechanism to use (LOCAL | DISTANT). DISTANT by default. ⚠️ though LOCAL seems to work properly, it's in beta for now.
  • stampFile: Advanced The DISTANT stamp source to use.${brand}-${appId}.v2.json by default.

Custom Stamps

In the EU region, stamps are used to sign every API queries. These stamps have a 1 week validity. Those stamps are using a tricky algorithm and cannot be replicated by Bluelinky and have to be generated by an external solution. An http call is performed to get the existing tokens. It is possible to specify an other path using the stampFile option. This path can be a local file prefixed by file:// or from any webserver.

By default the case is 24H, but it can but customized at will. A nice trick is to run you own stamp generator http server and querying it regularly (with low cache timeout) for fresh stamps.

The JSON file must respect this format

Supported Features

  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Start (with climate control)
  • Stop
  • Status (full, parsed, cached)
  • odometer
  • location
  • startCharge
  • monthlyReport
  • tripInfo
  • EV: driveHistory
  • EV: getChargeTargets
  • EV: setChargeLimits

Supported Regions

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Using Bluelinky may result in draining your 12V battery when refreshing from the car too often. Make sure you have read and understood the terms of use of your Kia or Hyundai account before using Bluelinky.




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