Converts old-school blogger export file to html with yaml frontmatter for static bloggers such as ruhoh, jekyll, octopress, nanoc, etc


This tool will help you migrate from Blogger / Blogspot to any static site generator that uses YAML front-matter such as Jekyll / Octopress / Ruhoh / Nanoc.

Export your blog

  1. Login to Blogger
  2. Go to your blog's settings
  3. Go to Templates
  4. Change your template style to "classic" (temporarily) (it will keep your customizations saved)
  5. Go to Settings, Other
  6. Export your blog
  7. Change your template style back to the new one

Run blogger2jekyll on your downloaded export

  1. Install NodeJS

  2. Follow the following:

     npm install -g blogger2jekyll
     blogger2jekyll /path/to/blog-dd-mm-yyyy.xml /path/to/converted-blogger-posts
     blogger2jekyll-server /path/to/converted-blogger-posts

blogger2jekyll reads in posts and comments from the xml file (defaults to fuzzy searcing in the current directory for blog-*.xml) and outputs them to the specified output folder (defaults to blogger-posts)

blogger2jekyll-server issues fuzzy redirects if it can find a name similar to the one it was searching for in the directory it expected to find it in.

For Example

GET /normal.html -> /normal.html
GET /title-of-blog-may-be.html -> /title-of-blog-may-be-truncated.html
GET /fun-with-osx-10-8.html -> /fun-with-osx-108.html
GET /this-post-really-doesnt-exist -> 404'd!

Open up the converter and modify it to meet your needs. It's very few lines of code and very straight forward.

git clone git://
cd blogger2jekyll
find .
vim lib/index.js