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    Node.js implementation of SignalR protocol tailored for Bittrex exchange


    This is a work in progress mostly meant to be integrated in Crypto Exchanges Gateway. But it can also be used as a standalone module to connect to Bittrex WS

    NB : doing REST API calls is outside of the scope of the module. If you need support for Bittrex REST API, use node.bittrex.api instead

    What it does

    • Implement methods for subscribing to tickers & markets (order books & trades)

    • Automatically detect missed order book events and resync automatically by retrieving full order book

    • Handle automatic reconnection in (I think !) every possible scenario

    • Implements a watchdog to detect when Bittrex stops sending data (default to 30min, automatic reconnection)

    • Handle CloudFare's anti-ddos page using cloudscaper

    • Support for new Bittrex API (tickers, order books, trades & user orders)


    npm install bittrex-signalr-client

    How to use it

    See documentation in doc directory for a description of supported API

    See examples in examples directory for an overview of what this library can do

    Other similar projects

    My work is inspired by signalr-client. Unfortunately, developer of signalr-client is not working actively on it anymore. Also, the way disconnection was managed in signalr-client didn't suit my needs

    node.bittrex.api is a really nice wrapper around Bittrex API. Unfortunately it uses signalr-client internally.

    I need to add that without the work of dparlevliet who did some reverse engineering on Bittrex usage of SignalR, this library would not exist


    npm i bittrex-signalr-client

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