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# signalr-client

By: Matthew Whited (c) 2018-2020


This is a signalR client for node.js. The Intent of this project is to allow a node service to communicate with a signalR hub over websockets.

This project does not require jQuery but it also only support websockets. Fallback to other communication options such as long polling are not supported.

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see signalR-sample.js for more examples

Create instance of signalR client

var signalR = require('signalr-client');
var client  = new signalR.client(

	//signalR service URL

	// array of hubs to be supported in the connection
    //, 10 /* Reconnection Timeout is optional and defaulted to 10 seconds */
    //, false /* doNotStart is option and defaulted to false. If set to true 
                 client will not start until .start() is called */

Binding callbacks from signalR hub

Method pattern

	// Hub Name (case insensitive)

	// Method Name (case insensitive)

	// Callback function with parameters matching call from hub
	function(name, message) { 
		console.log("revc => " + name + ": " + message); 

Direct pattern

//If you bind directly to the hub handlers as show here any previous
//	handlers for that hub will be removed!

// hub name must be all lower case.
client.handlers.testhub = { 
	// method name must be all lower case
	//		function signature should match call from hub
	addmessage: function(name, message) { 
		console.log("revc => " + name + ": " + message); 

Invoking methods on the signalR hub (no return values)

From the client instance

	'TestHub', // Hub Name (case insensitive)
	'Send',	// Method Name (case insensitive)
	'client', 'invoked from client' //additional parameters to match signature

From the hub instance

var hub = client.hub('TestHub'); // Hub Name (case insensitive)
	'Send',	// Method Name (case insensitive) 
	'hub', 'invoked from hub' //additional parameters to match called signature

Calling methods on the signalR hub (with async return values)

From the client instance
	'TestHub', // Hub Name (case insensitive)
	'Send',	// Method Name (case insensitive)
	'client', 'invoked from client' //additional parameters to match signature
 	.done(function (err, result) {
 		if (!err)  {
 			console.log("call returned: ", result);

From the hub instance

var hub = client.hub('TestHub'); // Hub Name (case insensitive)
	'Send',	// Method Name (case insensitive) 
	'hub', 'invoked from hub' //additional parameters to match called signature
 	.done(function (err, result) {
 		if (!err)  {
 			console.log("call returned: ", result);

Additional Features

Add Custom Headers to Negotiate and Connect

client.headers['X-MyTest-Header'] = 'Hello World!';

Add Custom Values to Connect QueryString

client.queryString.mVar1 = 'Hello World!';

Connect over HTTP Proxy

Only support HTTP connections as this time = "";
client.proxy.port = "8888";

Service Handlers


These are all found under client.serviceHandlers

bound: void function(){}
connectFailed: void function(error){}
connected: void function(connection){}
connectionLost: void function(error){}
disconnected: void function(){}
onerror: void function(error){}
messageReceived: bool function(message){ return true /* if handled */}
bindingError: function(error) {} 
onUnauthorized: function(res) {} 
reconnected: void function(connection){}
reconnecting: function(retry) { return false; } */

Connected / Reconnected

client.serviceHandlers.connected = function(connection) {
    /* connection: this is the connection raised from websocket */

Message Received

client.serviceHandlers.messageReceived = function(message) {
    /* message: this is the raw message received on the websocket */

    return true/false; //if true the client handler for the hub will not be raised.
                       //if false the client handler will be raised.

Handler Unauthorized Access

client.serviceHandlers.onUnauthorized = function (res) {
    //Do your Login Request
    var location = res.headers.location;
    var result = http.get(location, function (loginResult) {
        //Copy "set-cookie" to "client.header.cookie" for future requests
        client.headers.cookie = loginResult.headers['set-cookie'];


client.serviceHandlers.reconnecting = function (retryData) {
   /* retryData: { inital: true (first retry)/false (following retries),
                   count: retry count } */

    return true; // Abort retry
    return false; // Retry

Change History

  • v0.0.1: Initial Release
  • v0.0.2: No functional code changes
    • Update ignore list to exclude project build files
    • Cleaned up and added code samples
    • Updated signalR-sample.js to match samples
  • v0.0.3: No functional code changes
    • Updated and signalR-sample.js to correct minor spelling mistakes
  • v0.0.4: Corrected messageid for payloads sent to server/hub
    • messageid should increment for each message in the connection instead
    • reset messageid on connection
  • v0.0.5: Added support for retrying connection after the client loses contact with hub
  • v0.0.6: Fixed reported issue of connection being refused when the client is created before the hub is online.
    • Added client.serviceHandlers.bindingError handler.
    • if client is in "unbound" or "bindingError" state it will trying to renegotiate binding on next client.invoke or client.hub[]
    • changed client.state to return {code: # desc: ""} instead of just the code.
  • v0.0.7: Added support for connections over HTTPS (Thanks Anthony DiPierro)
  • v0.0.8: Added support for headers by request (Thanks Vincent Miceli)
    • Added support for headers on "negotiate" and "connect" for signalR
    • Added a new onUnauthorized handler to support 401/302 on failed negotiate
    • Added the ability to forward requests over an HTTP Proxy
    • Added the ability to extend the connect queryString
    • Added the ability to optionally prevent the client from connecting automatically on creation.
    • Removed the thrown exception when errors are unhandled.
  • v0.0.9: Added a mergeable setter syntax to handlers, serviceHandlers, headers, proxy and queryString.
    • Settings values on headers and queryString to undefined will remove their values from being transferred.
  • v0.0.10: Fixes for reported bugs (Thanks Vincent Miceli)
    • Connection state was always reported as reconnected
    • doNotStart setting for client was ignored.
  • v0.0.11: Initialization and even order has slightly changed.
    • If client is created with 'doNotStart' set to true binding will not occur until after client.start() is called
    • The 'bound' event will be raised before the system tries to start the connection
    • Fixed the retry timeout to properly calculate seconds.
    • Fixed retry and connection failed
  • v0.0.12: Added more detail to the "Protocol Error"
    • The "Protocol Error" refers to when the system can not detect the web-sockets connection.
    • Changed the default error handler to output more details
    • Added the negotiated URL object to the raised error for "Protocol Error"
  • v0.0.13: Added MIT License and released project on GitHub
  • v0.0.14: Added HTTPS scheme support
    • Thanks to Guilherme Ferreira
  • v0.0.15: Update to signalR Client Protocol 1.5
    • Thanks to Guilherme Ferreira
  • v0.0.16: Fixed lastMessageId issues
    • Thanks to Sergey Buturlakin
  • v0.0.17: Fixed negotiation error handing
    • Thanks to Patrick Hampson
  • v0.0.18: Updated Websockets version and error handler binding fixed
  • v0.0.19: Exposed getter for connection
    • Thanks Lukas Weber
  • v0.0.20: Updated with various pull requests.
    • Thanks [Themis Papameletiou( for adding the .off(..)
    • Thanks Dennis Pan for updating the version of websockets
    • Thanks arnoldpistorius for adding support for the url schema to be https

Known Issues

  • client.Proxy settings currently only work for HTTP and not HTTPS

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