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Bitmovin Player React Native

This is an open-source project created to enable customers to integrate the Bitmovin mobile Player SDKs into React Native projects. It has been created to provide customers with a starting point, which can be built upon through active collaboration and contributions. We look forward to seeing this library expand and grow.

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Platform Support

This library requires at least React Native 0.64+ and React 17+ to work properly. The officially supported platforms are:

  • iOS/iPadOS/tvOS: 14.0+
  • Android: 5.0+
  • Android TV: 7+
  • Fire TV: Fire OS 6.0+ (compatible with Fire OS 5.0)

Please note that browsers and other browser-like environments such as webOS and Tizen are not supported. For more details regarding Bitmovin Player SDK platform and device support, please refer to the Supported Platforms & Devices page of our documentation.

Feature Support

Please refer to the Features section of our documentation for an up-to-date list of supported Player features.


API Reference

Our API reference can be found here.

Getting Started Guide

Our Getting Started Guide walks you through setting up and configuring the Bitmovin Player in React Native projects.

Feature Guides

Check out our React Native Guides for more information on how to set up Player features such as Advertising, DRM-protected playback, Subtitles and more.

Sample Application

In the /example/ folder you can find a sample application showcasing many of the features of the Player React Native SDK.

Maintenance and Updates

As an open source project, this library is not part of a regular maintenance or update schedule and is updated on an adhoc basis when contributions are made.

Contributing to this project

We are pleased to accept changes, updates and fixes from the community wishing to use and expand this project. Bitmovin will review any Pull Requests made. We do our best to provide timely feedback, but please note that no SLAs apply. New releases are tagged and published on our discretion. Please see for more details on how to contribute.

Raising a Feature Suggestion

If you see something missing that might be useful but are unable to contribute the feature yourself, please feel free to submit a feature request through the Bitmovin Community. Feature suggestions will be considered by Bitmovin’s Product team for future roadmap plans.

Reporting a bug

If you come across a bug related to the Player React Native SDK, please raise this through the support ticketing system accessible in your Bitmovin Dashboard.

Support and SLA Disclaimer

As an open-source project and not a core product offering, any request, issue or query related to this project is excluded from any SLA and Support terms that a customer might have with either Bitmovin or another third-party service provider or Company contributing to this project. Any and all updates are purely at the contributor's discretion.

Need more help?

Should you need further help, please raise your request to your Bitmovin account team. We can assist in a number of ways, from providing you professional services help to putting you in touch with preferred system integrators who can work with you to achieve your goals.

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