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Finds a maximum bipartite matching in an unweighted graph. The current implementation uses the Hopcroft-Karp algorithm and runs in O(sqrt(V) * E + V) time. Works in both node.js and in a browser.


var findMatching = require("bipartite-matching")
console.log(findMatching(5, 5, [
      [0, 0],
      [0, 1],
      [1, 0],
      [2, 1],
      [2, 2],
      [3, 2],
      [3, 3],
      [3, 4],
      [4, 4]


npm install bipartite-matching

require("bipartite-matching")(n, m, edges)

Computes a bipartite matching for the graph

  • n is the number of vertices in the first component
  • m is the number of vertices in the second component
  • edges is the list of edges, represented by pairs of integers between 0 and n-1,m-1 respectively.

Returns A list of edges representing the matching


(c) 2014 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License