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    bim+ renderer

    bim+ renderer is a javascript renderer core based on three js.

    Quick Links

    How to build

    Install nodejs

    Install local npm modules

    Open up a normal command line (admin is not needed) and go to the renderer folder

    npm install

    (whenever package.json has changed, you might to do this again)

    Install emscripten SDK Install the emscripten toolchain to cross compile the performance critical parts written in c/c++ to web assembly

    Build renderer

    Library building process is using UMD (Universal Module Definition) output format so it's compatible with both cjs and amd module formats. The same library can be use in the client or on the server. Build process is using babel so it's possible to use new ES2015 code in source codes.

    Library can be build in several ways as a dev or prod version. To run a dev build with source maps run:

    npm run build

    To build a prod version - uglified, minified run:

    npm run build-prod

    Pulish new release to npm (Hint: Before doing this npm login needs to be done and the package version adjusted) :

    npm run npm-publish

    Check content of npm package (result is bimplus-renderer@(version).tar.gz)

    npm run npm-pack

    Develop/Debug renderer

    goto your renderer folder

    npm link

    goto your application folder which uses the renderer

    npm link bimplus-renderer

    Do you changes in the renderer and build

    npm run build


    grunt run build-prod

    Your app will automatically get the changes done in the renderer

    After developing it might be wise to unlink: goto your renderer folder

    npm unlink

    goto your application folder which uses the renderer

    npm unlink bimplus-renderer npm install

    Unit testing

    With every build output is copied also to the test folder. To run the unit tests go to the test subfolder and run

    npm install
    npm run test


    Bimplus WebSDK uses npm documentation plugin for easy documentation generation. To generate a documentation please install documentation plugin via npm :

    npm install -g documentation

    To create documentation in html format go to your renderer folder and run :

    npm run build-doc

    Documentation output will be in renderer/documentation folder

    To create documentation in markdown format go to your renderer folder and run :

    npm run build-docMd

    Documentation output will be in renderer/documentation/ file.

    To create a markdown suitable for Confluence run script:

    npm run build-docConf

    Please note that python must be installed !! This script will convert generated markdown into Confluence format. See console output for converted file name. Default place is in ./documentation in file :

    Content of the confluence file can be inserted into Confluence page :

    • start confluence page editation mode
    • choose Insert more content / {} Markup option from toolbar
    • in popup window choose to Insert Markdown format
    • copy content of the converted confluence markdown file into the field in Confluence
    • save it (Please note that page links doesn't work in page preview mode)




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