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The most universal module to parse bible reference to an object with the information of the given reference.

Table of Contents

⚙️ Installation

npm install bible-ref-parser

📑 Usage

import { parse } from "bible-ref-parser";

const ref = parse("Matthew 28:18-20");
// output : { book: "MT", chapter: "28", type: "RANGE", verses: ["18", "20"], edition: undefined }

If all goes well, the returned object will always contain the keys version, book, chapter and type. Depending on the value of type, the object may or may not contain the following key: verses, which contains the verses to be retrieved. Below the possible type :

Type Request prototype is verses ?
WHOLE_CHAPTER <book> <chapter> No
RANGE <book> <chapter>:<verseStart>-<verseEnd> Yes
MAP <book> <chapter>:<verse> Yes
MAP <book> <chapter>:<verse1>,<verse2>,...,<verseN> Yes

Then, the processing of the reference you've parsed must be conditioned on the value of the type. Here are a few examples:

const ref = parse("Matthew 28:18-20");

if (ref.type === "RANGE") {
    const [startIndex, stopIndex] = ref.verses;
    // your logic for a range
else if (ref.type === "MAP") {
    for(const verse of ref.verses) {
        // your logic for a single verse or separated verses in a same chapter
// other cases ...

🤔 Why return only the starting and ending verses? Some versions of the Bible have non-linear indexing or verses with letter indexes. It is therefore not possible to generate an array containing the indexes between two given values. The most general way of managing references in ranges is to provide only the starting and ending verses. A well thought-out logic allows you to retrieve all the verses between.

✏️ Bible editions

The module also extracts a desired edition of the Bible, if known to the parser.

const ref1 = parse("Luke 13:34 KJV");
console.log(ref1.edition); // output: "KJV"

const ref2 = parse("Matthew 28:18-20 Foo");
console.log(ref2.edition); // output: undefined

If the edition is not known, the parser will return undefined; you can then redefine the value according to your preference. Below is a list of supported editions:

Edition Abbreviation Language
King James Version KJV English
New King James Version NKJV English
Revised Standard Version RSV English
The Jerusalem Bible TJB English
Vulgate VULG Latin
Bible de Jérusalem BDJ French
Bible catholique Crampon 1928 BCC1928 French
Bible Fillion BF French
Traduction officielle Liturgique AELF French
Traduction OEcuménique de la Bible TOB French
Parole de vie PDV French
Bible du semeur BDS French
Bible Louis Segond LSG French

Want a specific edition? submit a pull-request on github.

🛑 Known issues

The regex works great for isolated references (see next section), but can return unexpected values if the input is a whole text containing the references. Indeed, if you try "I want 2 John 5:7", you'll get two matches: 'want 2' and 'John 5:7' (or only the first one if the regex is set without the g flag) whereas the expected match is '2 John 5:7'.

The best solution I can provide at the moment if your input is whole text is to ignore the whole chapter format using the following regex:

\b((?:\d ?)?[A-Za-zÀ-ÿ]+) (\d+):((?:\d+[a-zA-Z]?)(?:(?:-\d+[a-zA-Z]?)|(?:,\d+[a-zA-Z]?)+){0,1})\b

Keep in mind that there is no problem if all of your inputs are standalone ref, the issue only concern input that are plain text like paragraph etc.

❓ Notes

The function fully supports the following formats:

  • <book> <chapter>
  • <book> <chapter>:<verse>
  • <book> <chapter>:<verseStart>-<verseEnd>
  • <book> <chapter>:<verse1>,<verse2>,...,<verseN>

Note that a range reference where the start index is equal to the end index such as John 3:16-16 will be interpreted as a valid map reference; the previous one will be treated as John 3:16.

bible-ref-parser uses the bookTag function of the bible-abbreviation@0.0.3 module to support a large variety of abbreviations for references.

💻 Contribute

Want to improve the module? submit a pull-request on github or open an issue.

📜 License

Copyright © 2023 RyanHmd
This project is MIT licensed.

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