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BMO facilitates the creation of slack bots.


The npm package is called beemo.

$ npm install beemo


Create a Bot and use it to connect to slack given your bot token. This will return a promise of an rtm object which represents the Real-Time Messaging API. You can then listen to events emitted by this object, such as 'message'. See node-slack-client for more information.

The messageContext() handler augments a raw RTM message into a MessageContext which contains a reference to the Bot as well as an augmented Message which contains additional properties such as parsed links that were contained in the raw message.

The MessageContext also contains methods that facilitate the processing of messages, such as registering commands, detecting URLs, and matching on arbitrary patterns. Generic handlers can also be created which simply take a MessageContext object.

const Bot = require('bmo').Bot;
const bmo = new Bot("bmo");
bmo.connectToSlack({token: process.env.SLACK_TOKEN})
.then(rtm => {
  rtm.on('message', bmo.messageContext(ctx => {
    // you: .say how are you 
    // bot: how are you 
    ctx.command('say', (ctx, body) => {
    // you: 
    // bot: someone sent a wikipedia link! 
    ctx.url('', (ctx, url) => {
      ctx.send('someone sent a wikipedia link!');
    // you: have you seen smirk.gif before? 
    // bot: the gif 'smirk' was matched! 
    ctx.pattern(/([\S]+)\.gif/, (ctx, matches) => {
      ctx.send(`the gif '${matches[1]}' was matched!`);