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A linter for code styling. Ensures code is written in a beautiful way.


npm install beautify-lint --save-dev

This package comes with two binaries:

  • beautify-lint: Checks if code is beautified according to the .jsbeautifyrc. Exits with non-zero exit code when any file is not beautified. Prints diff about required changes.
  • beautify-rewrite: Rewrittes code according to .jsbeautifyrc.

Both binaries take globs as params.


beautify-lint lib/**.js bin/*.js test/*.js

Checks javascript in lib, bin and test directory.

Use cases

  • Let the CI validate code style: "pretest": "beautify-lint lib/**.js"
  • Provide a helper to beautify the code: "beautify": "beautify-rewrite lib/**.js"


MIT Copyright (c) 2015 Tobias Koppers