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Blocklevel Command-line Interface


Blocklevel Command-line Interface


Install the package globally

$ npm install -g bcli


You only need to start the prompt and answer the questions

$ bcli

You can check all available commands

$ bcli -h


bcli component Creates a new Vue component

bcli page Creates a new Vue page

bcli store Creates a new Vuex store module

bcli packages Installs most used npm packages

bcli share Shares a demo with ngrok

Adding a new command

Add a choice inside the list of choices in /bin/cli-default.js, name should be the the title that will be shown by the initial prompt, value should correspond to the name of the command listed in the /bin folder.

Add a new module inside /bin prepended with cli-. The module should ask the user for input and execute the command when done.

Add a new module in /src which executes the desired process.