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Node CLI to quickly open git-bash (or file explorer) in another folder.

Note: This could have some bugs in linux & mac. I have no way of testing/developing on these platforms. If you want to help/encounter a bug, please file an issue at github and I'll see what I can do.

Install npm version

$ npm install -g bash-jump

Features & other related ramblings

  • Brute force recursive search 💪
  • Case insensitive, typo sensitive.
  • Folder to search must exist or (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Default search start is current folder, or if BASH_JUMP env variable is set, the folder set in env variable, or the second argument.
  • To set env variabe: $ export BASH_JUMP=G:\\MyFolder for example to start default search from 'G:\MyFolder'-folder.
  • To remove it: $ unset BASH_JUMP.
  • On find, runs bash --login, so needs to have git bash installed to work.
  • If folder to search is just a dot ('.'), opens new shell in current folder.
  • The 'child program' can't close the parent shell it is running from, so there's no option for that. If you want to close the current shell after search, just add && exit to the end. But be careful with your search, this will close the current shell wether the program opens a new one or not.


$ bj -h
Usage: bj [options] <folderToFind> [startSearchFrom]

  -V, --version   output the version number
  -B, --no-bash   find folder and path, do not open bash
  -e, --explorer  find folder and path and open file explorer
  -h, --help      output usage information


To search for myProject folder starting from current (or env variable if set) folder and open new shell is simple:
$ bj myProject
To search for myApplication folder in program files without opening new shell, but opening file explorer:
$ bj -Be myApplication "C:\\Program Files"
To open new shell for the current folder just use a dot for the folder to search:
$ bj .

Node_modules & .git folders excluded from search to keep it fast.

All folders included in search:

$ bj -B find-me G:\\Code

 Searching for folder 'find-me'
 Starting from 'G:\Code'

 Traversed 31286 folders in 490.20s
 Found folder!
 Path: 'G:\Code\JavaScript\Nodejs\find-me'

After excluding node_modules & .git:

$ bj -B find-me G:\\Code

 Searching for folder 'find-me'
 Starting from 'G:\Code'

 Traversed 1069 folders in 2.64s
 Found folder!
 Path: 'G:\Code\JavaScript\Nodejs\find-me'


npm i bash-jump

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