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Bars is a lightweight high performance HTML aware templating engine. Bars emits DOM rather than DOM-strings, this means the DOM state is preserved even if data updates happen. Bars can also emit DOM-strings for backend templating if desired. This way one can use Bars for both static content generation and dynamic web application views.

Make Bars Better

Bars is still in early development, please share any suggestions and report any bugs to the GitHub issues page, so we can continue to improve Bars. If you want to contribute to Bars, fork Bars on GitHub and send in a pull request. For ways to contribute check out the issues page on GitHub.


$ npm install bars

What Bars Looks Like

Bars Language and Docs.


<h2>To Do App</h2>
<input id="new-list" todos:{{todos}} placeholder="Add something to your list..." />
{{#each todos as |todo index todos|}}
  <li class="{{todo.del ? 'del' : ''}}">
      <span class="list-complete {{todo.complete ? 'done' : ''}}" todo:{{todo}}></span>
      <span class="list">{{todo.text}}</span>
      <span class="list-del" todo:{{todo}} todos:{{todos}}>x</span>
    <span>You have nothing left to do.</span>


var App = require('bars/app');
var app = new App(
    // options
        index: require('./index.bars'),
        // partials: {},
        // transforms: {}
    // State
        todos: [
                text: 'Buy eggs'
app.view.on('click', '.list-complete', function (evt, target){
    var todo ='todo');
    todo.complete = !todo.complete;
app.view.on('click', '.list-del', function (evt, target){
    var todo ='todo');
    var todos ='todos');
    todo.del = true;
    setTimeout(function () {
        todos.splice(todos.indexOf(todo), 1);
    }, 200);
app.view.on('change', '#new-list', function (evt, target){
    var todos ='todos');
    var todo = {
        del: true,
        text: target.value
    target.value = '';
    setTimeout(function () {
        delete todo.del;
    }, 0);