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Compile/minify static site for production (with sourcemaps), auto-compiles files like -> app.js.

Currently supports: LiveScript, babel, coco, coffee-script, dogescript, less, marked, myth, jade, node-sass, stylus, swig. To use any of these you must do npm install x as needed (where x is the name of the lib), baconize does not install them by default.


var baconize = require('baconize');
var source = '/path/to/input/dir';
var target = '/path/to/output/dir';
baconize(source, target, [options]).then([successFn],[errorFn]);

How it works:

  • Baconize will walk your source directory and process each file in /path/to/input/dir:
  • If it can compile a file then it will compile it and output it to the target directory (with source map).
  • If it can't compile the file then it will simply copy it to the target.

For example, if you have a coffeescript file in /path/to/input/dir/my-app/scripts/ then it will output the compiled file as /path/to/output/dir/my-app/scripts/index.js, and the sourcemap as /path/to/output/dir/my-app/scripts/

This library is designed for use alongside pingy-in-the-middle.


  • compile (Boolean, default = true): should baconize try to compile files where possible?

  • sourcemaps (Boolean, default = true): should baconize copy corresponding sourcemaps and source files for the minified/compiled files?

  • minify (Boolean, default = false): should baconize minify javascript, css and html files? Will also minify post-compilation files.

  • blacklist (Array): filter to blacklist files from being compiled or minifed. They will still be copied (without compilation/minifiction) unless they are negated using the fileFilter or directoryFilter options below. This option is useful for vendor directories (like 'bower_components') which already include the compiled versions of files. See Filters for more.

  • fileFilter (Array): filter to include/exclude files to be copied to target. See Filters for more.

  • directoryFilter (Array): filter to include/exclude directories to be copied to target, rules are applied to sub-directories also. Useful for directories like '.git'. See Filters for more.

  • depth (Number): depth at which to stop recursing even if more subdirectories are found.

  • exclusions (Object): Instead of blacklist, fileFilter and directoryFilter you can use the new exclusions api, this is undocumented for the moment.


Filters take an array of glob strings. fileFilter and directoryFilter can be a whitelist or blacklist, by default they are whitelist but add the ! character before entries to turn them into a blacklist instead:

  • compileBlacklist: [ 'bower_components/**' ] copies the raw 'bower_components' directory instead of compiling files within the directory.

  • fileFilter: [ '*.json', '*.js', '*.scss', '*.jade' ] includes only JavaScript, JSON, SCSS and Jade files.

  • directoryFilter: [ '!.git', '!node_modules' ] includes all directories except '.git' and 'node_modules'.

See minimatch for some examples of glob strings.


You can listen to chdir and compile-start and compile-finised events emitted by baconize.

var bacon = baconize(source, target, [options]);
bacon.on('chdir', function(folder) {
  // `folder` (string) is the current folder path that is being processed by baconize
bacon.on('compile-start', function(file) {
  // compile has started on `file` (object).
  // {
  //    name: 'typography.css',
  //    path: 'styles/typography.css',
  //    fullPath: '/Users/dave/Sites/my-site/styles/typography.css',
  //    parentDir: 'styles',
  //    fullParentDir: '/Users/dave/Sites/my-site/styles/',
  //    stat: {object} See:
  // }
bacon.on('compile-done', function(file) {
  // compile has finished successfully on `file` (object, see above).

Aborting while in progress

You can abort baconize while it's in progress. If you do this then the promise will reject and the output directory will be removed.

var bacon = baconize(source, target, [options]);
// abort baconize while in progress
setTimeout(function() { bacon.abort(); }, 10);
bacon.then(function(){}, function(err) {
  // err (Error)
  // {
  //    message: 'Manually aborted by user',
  //    code: 'ABORT'
  // }

Try it out

The easiest way to try this out is to clone the repo, cd into it and do:

npm install
npm run example

This will compile a basic demo site to examples/output.

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