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    Node.js cli tool for monitoring BackMarket products. Notifications are shown when the price of any of the products changes. The following notification types are supported:

    • Desktop notification
    • Console output
    • Telegram chat message
    • IFTTT integration
    • Push message via Gotify

    See below for Docker usage.


    1. Install Node.js 8.x or higher (Windows | Linux | OSx).
    2. npm install -g backmarket-watcher
    3. backmarket-watcher config. Add the products you want to watch here. Optionally enable / disable certain notifications. See Configuring Telegram notifiations for instructions on setting up the Telegram notifications.
    4. backmarket-watcher watch

    Configure the watch list

    You ca add products to the watch list by search or individually by editing the config file :

    "productsSearch": [
    "products": [

    Simply navigate to your local backmarket website and paste desired urls.

    Note that search filter are not supported, instead use search queries :

    brand "only this string" -NotThatOne

    CLI documentation

    Usage: backmarket-watcher <command>
      config        Edit the config file.
      config-reset  Reset the config to the default values.
      config-path   Show the path of the config file.
      watch         Start watching for changes.
      --help     Show help                                                 [boolean]
      --version  Show version number                                       [boolean]

    Displaying the notifications in the Windows notification center

    By default Windows doesn't display the notifications in the notification center. You can enable this by doing the following steps.

    1. Go to 'notifications & actions settings' (Windows key, type 'notifications', enter)
    2. Click on the 'toast' app at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Enable the 'show in action center' checkbox.

    Configuring Telegram notifications

    1. Open a Telegram chat with BotFather.
    2. Follow the instructions to create your own bot.
    3. Copy the token and enter it in the configuration via backmarket-watcher config, and set enabled to true.
    4. Start the application backmarket-watcher watch
    5. Click the link from the BotFather chat message.
    6. Press BEGIN.
    7. Your bot should greet you, and show a notification about your products. Note: the bot will show the products which you configured. Multiple people can connect to the bot to get updates about these products.

    Configure IFTTT integration

    1. Go to
    2. Click on this and select Webhooks.
    3. Fill in an Event Name (e.g. backmarket_updated).
    4. Click on that.
    5. Select anything you'd like to integrate with (e.g. Philips Hue).
    6. Finish setting it up. Note: value1 contains a plain text message, value2 contains an HTML message.
    7. Update the ifttt configuration via backmarket-watcher config:
      • set enabled to true
      • set webhookKey to the token found at Web Hook settings (last part of the URL)
      • add the Event Name selected in step 3 to the webhookEvents array

    Note: You can add multiple events to webhookEvents


    Note: the Docker image is a multiarch image. So it will also work on Raspberry Pi's.

    Docker run

    1. Create a directory to store the config file and copy the config.defaults.json into YOUR_FOLDER/config.json. See above for instructions on how to configure the application. Make sure that the folder has the correct permissions, e.g. run chmod -R o+rwx config/ or you might get access denied errors on the file system. The app needs read/write access on the configuration file, e.g. to store token received in it.
    2. Run the following command. Example: a user john who stored the config in ~/docker/backmarket-watcher/config.json:
    docker run \
     --name backmarket-watcher \
     -e TZ=Europe/Amsterdam \
     -v /home/john/docker/backmarket-watcher:/home/node/.config/backmarket-watcher-nodejs \

    Note: When using Gotify as notification, make sure to put them on the same network in docker if hosted on the same docker host, e.g. docker network create gotify and use "--network=gotify" on both containers You can then use "http://gotify" on this container if --name gotify is used for the gotify container

    Docker Compose

    1. Create a directory to contain all your Docker Compose things.
    2. Create a directory backmarket-watcher inside the created directory, and copy the config.defaults.json to backmarket-watcher/config.json. See above for instructions on how to configure the application.
    3. Create a file docker-compose.yaml:
    version: "3"
        image: youegraillot/backmarket-watcher
        restart: unless-stopped
          - TZ=Europe/Amsterdam
          - ./backmarket-watcher:/home/node/.config/backmarket-watcher-nodejs

    Running with Heroku

    1. Install the Heroku CLI and login.
    2. From your terminal, run heroku config:set BACKMARKET_CONFIG=content, replacing content with the content of your config.json file.


    This project is a fork of node-toogoodtogo-watcher


    npm i backmarket-watcher

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