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    Babylonjs Game Starter

    A basic starting point for your Babylonjs Game Project, built on Webpack, Express.js.

    This project assumes you will use

    • TypeScript for the game logic
    • JavaScript for Express.js server code.

    Getting Started

    Initiate your project by running below command in the directory of your choice:
    (Replace 'my-app' with your choice of project name)

    npx babylonjs-game-starter my-app
    • This will:
      • download all necessary files and folders,
      • generate package.json
      • initialize git

    Then, make sure to install dependencies:

    npm install

    Then, compile typescipt files by running:

    npx tsc

    Or you can install TypeScript globally to use the global tsc command.

    npm i -g typescript

    To start the development server, run:

    npm start
    • This will run two different scripts:
      • webpack serve --config
      • nodemon server/server.js
    • Development server has been designed to run two separate servers:
      • Webpack Dev Server for frontend (at PORT 3030)
      • Express Server for backend APIs (at PORT 8080)
    • Other scripts are also included for starting the server (e.g. npm run start:dev2, which uses webpack-dev-middleware), but hot reload does not work with these.
    • Using npm start is recommended.
    • To adjust ports and other settings/logic, please configure accordingly.

    To build your project for production, run:

    npm run build

    Notes of Configuration

    If you decide to change certain property names and values in package.json (e.g. main, html, fallback, favicon, etc.) or change the name/location of the main project file (which is set to game/index.ts), please make sure to update the relevant configurations in webpack accordingly.


    (as of 2021.08.18)

    • LTS versions of node & npm
      • node ~v.14.17.5
      • npm ~v.6.14.14
      • Other versions of node & npm have not yet been tested other than v.15.4.0, which is known to fail.
      • Using LTS version is recommended.

    Current Known Issues

    (as of 2021.08.18):

    • Install fails on node v.15.4.0
      • Other variations of v15 have not been tested


    If you find any new bugs/errors, please file issues at:


    Happy Coding :)


    npm i babylonjs-game-starter

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