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    An Incredibly Easy-to-Learn Game Engine

    Baby is ridiculously easy to learn. And incredibly powerful.

    Baby provides the easy-to-use animation model of Alice3, built on the powerful foundation of BabylonJS. It is ideal for junior programmers writing simple 2D and 3d games, animations, and stories.

    Web-based, effortlessly multi-player, integrated physics engine, javascript/typescript, 3D, and much more.

    Here's your first working program:

    let app = new Baby()
    // create two cubes, change their colors, and move them in
    // opposite directions (by default, actions take 1 second each)
    app.floor(20,20,5) // 20x20 grid, highlight every 5 
    let cube1 = app.cube().color('yellow').move('left',5)  
    let cube2 = app.cube().color('blue').move('right',5)  
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    Check out Tutorials and Docs

    Find them here

    Built on BabylonJS

    BabylonJS is awesome. Best-in-class graphics, performance, and tools. Supports the latest WebGL, WebGPU, WebXR, WebAudio, etc.
    Check it out:

    Babylon is a sprawling empire, but it takes a long time to learn, even for experts with the math skills of Star Fleet Navigators. You quickly get lost in the complexity and layers of possibilities, and sometimes never actually write a game.

    Animation Concepts from Alice

    Alice is simple, intuitive, powerful, and fun. A beginner can write complex animations with breath-taking graphics in a few hours. Check it out: Or even better, take the free Coursera Intro to Alice course from Duke University.

    But Alice's Scratch-like building-blocks make programmers pull their hair. And there are severe limits to Alice programs. Alice will teach you programming and animation, but you likely won't write any games beyond the homework exercises.



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