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This project simplifies and standardizes the main development tasks of node.js projects that are part of the azk project. Among them are:

  • Gulp tasks collection that are common to azk projects;
  • Dotfiles for editor and lint tools configuration that maintain code standards: .editorconfig, .jshintrc and .jscsrc;
  • Helper for creating a spec-helper.js with mocha, chai, chai-subsetand chai-promise;
  • Helper to use generator and promises to simplify tests;
  • npm-deploy script that assists in releasing npm packages;

Among the gulp tasks we have:

  • lint and watch:lint: for code standards testing, via jshint and jscs;
  • babel[|:spec|:src] and babel[|:spec|:src]: transpile es6 code to es5 via babel;
  • editor:config: copy the dotfiles to the current project folder, allowing their use in the editor and not only in the lint process;
  • babel:runtime:[install|version]: to assist in the babel runtime installation process;


Before adding azk-dev to your project, be sure to remove babel, babel-core and babel-babel-runtime if they're declared as dependencies. Now install azk-dev:

$ npm install gulp azk-dev --save-dev

Gulp Tasks (commons azk project tasks)

How to import commons azk-dev gulp tasks and extends:

// gulpfile.js 
var azk_gulp = require('azk-dev/lib/gulp')({
  cwd  : __dirname,
  sourcemaps_path: "/mytest", // Custom path to prefix transpiled files 
  lint: [ "bin/**/*.js" ], // Extra files for the lint analyzer 
var gulp = azk_gulp.gulp;
gulp.task("show:args", "Help text", ["before:show"], function() {
  return null;
}, { aliases: ["sa", "s"] });

Check the tasks added to the running gulp (yes we have a gulp help \o/):

$ gulp help
Available configs:
  • src: default: { src: "src" , dest: "./lib/src" };
  • spec: default: { src: "spec" , dest: "./lib/spec" };
  • lint: default: [];
  • clean: default: true;
  • default: default: [ "lint", "test" ];
  • babel: default:
      presets: ['es2015'],
      plugins: ['add-module-exports'],
  • sourcemaps_path default: path.basename(process.cwd);


If you use "generators" in your code, you'll need to install babel-polyfill:

$ gulp babel:polyfill:install


// spec/spec-help.js 
var Helpers = {
  expect : require('azk-dev/lib/chai').expect,
export default Helpers;

Test with generators support

var BPromise = require('bluebird');
var enable_generators = require('azk-dev/lib/generators');
enable_generators((fn) => BPromise.coroutine(fn)());

Editor Configs

Copy dotfiles .jscsrc, .jshintrc and .editorconfig from shared folder to current project. Use --force to overwrite.

$  gulp editor:config

Deploy npm package

Adding this in package.json:

"deploy" : "./node_modules/.bin/npm-deploy"

Now you can deploy package with:

$ npm run deploy [<newversion> | major | minor | patch | premajor | preminor | prepatch | prerelease]

This should run the following steps:

  • Check if not tracked commits in git
  • Run tests with npm test
  • Upgrade version in package.json, commit and add tag
  • Publish package in



"Azuki", "Azk" and the Azuki logo are copyright (c) 2013-2015 Azuki Serviços de Internet LTDA.

Azk-dev source code is released under Apache 2 License.

Check LEGAL and LICENSE files for more information.